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Has anyone heard of Graphicmon?

Squirtle Gardevior

New Member
Dec 22, 2021
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Know this is realy old. In the year 2000 back when Gen 2 was still new, but in one magazine there was an advert for Game Boy stickers called "Graphicmon" which were essentially the twelve signs of the western Zodiac as Pokemon.

Taurus and Cancer were just slightly altered versions of Tauros and Kingler. Some of the others were based on existing Pokemon, like Sagittarius looks like Abras upper torso on Ponytas body, whilst Leo is basically Pikachu/Raichu as a lion.

Personally, I think these designs are quite good and would have made great Pokemon. I actualy think it's better them Gen 5s zodiac, which I feel shoehorns most of the signs, but this feels more natural.

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