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Have you played any fanmade Pokemon games?

i've played a little bit of pokémon prism and pokémon crystal clear, but haven't finished either. haven't played these, but i've seen playthroughs from a youtuber i watch of pokémon insurgence, pokémon infinite fusion, and pokémon emerald rogue. definitely going to be looking into some of these in this thread!
I've actually been playing Pokémon Polished Crystal, it's pretty great and I'd call it the definitive Gen 2 experience in my eyes. Just lots of QOL improvements from the vanilla games (and Sylveon). Still need to beat it though, but I'm already part way through Kanto.

Also put some time in Radical Red but I haven't touched it in a while.
Only one I tried was called Solar Light and Lunar Dark or something. Pretty grind heavy but had a bunch of cool Fanmons. Unfortunately for some reason I have yet to find out, I was around 4-6 badges and my save was gone. I never went back because it was so grind heavy and I didn't want to spend all this time grinding again.
I once played the alpha version of a fanmade MMORPG called Pokemon Online. When I say "alpha," I mean alpha. There was no actual game lol, just a testing area with unfinished collisions and nothing else to do. On the plus side, the community behind the game was my very first gaming forum. This was back in, like, 2007. Wow.
Yes, I have played countless, although not many very recently. The first one I played was Pokémon Shining Gold, by Zeal. This was literally a golden romhack in its time.
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I played Pokémon Uranium. I got about halfway through, but then my computer basically bricked (possibly unrelated means: it was old). I still have a backup of it, though, so I could start again sometime.
There is a rom hack that I've been eyeing for some time, just waiting for the developer to finish the project. The romhack is: Pokémon Conquest: Ultimate.

I've always really liked Pokémon Conquest, although I consider it shallow in content, let's see how the fan-made version will turn out.
I mostly like watching playthroughs of fan made games over playing them generally, but I have tried Pokemon Uranium and Pokemon Solar Light & Lunar Dark a few years ago. Didn't finish them as for the former my save corrupted and I couldn't start it again after that, and the latter kept freezing when I'd ride my bike (or even freeze at random moments), so I didn't bother trying to continue/restart. Maybe someday I might try and complete them, especially since I really love Solar Light and Lunar Dark's Fakemons the most.
Only two. I played Pokemon Quartz back when I was a 10 year old kid, first trying out the series. Hated it. Did not like where the story was going, the Pokemon designs were ugly. One of them nearly made me throw up upon looking at it. Trying to grasp this GBA romhack gave me a headache. Eventually I went full force at trying to go through it all but ended up getting stuck after the 7th badge, unable to find the spot to dive up towards for badge 8.

I ended up having my friends destroy that cartridge.

The only other romhack I played was Pokemon Moemon Emerald, once in 2019, then again in 2022. It's exactly Pokemon Emerald, except the Pokemon designs were changed to Gijinka. Both playthroughs I've made of these were of extreme randomizers as well, so I was able to find the game interesting and have fun with it. I even made my last run special by implementing a 2.25x level increase against every opposing trainer in the game. I documented all the boss fights fought and bolded the most difficult Pokemon I had to face in each. Norman was the hardest Gym Leader for that Charizard alone. He's the only boss that required me to go back and actively train my team a considerable amount because there was no strategizing around him otherwise. I learned that the Charizard had base 181 Attack and 100 Base Power Fighting-type Extreme Speed. I eventually found a way around it by getting a Smoochum, evolving it into Seadra, and giving it Double Team through level-up. Wallace was the hardest fight in the game overall but I went at it, repeated the battle, and struggled until I won. My Wonder Guard Count was not fully updated as Phoebe had a Wonder Guard Porygon2 and iirc, Wonder Guard Magneton.

The Mt Chimney Tabitha and Tate and Liza battles were my favorite in this run.

2.25x level multiplier Emerald Extreme Randomizer Google Doc - This doc only showcases what each Gym Leader and Elite Four had, and adds a couple fights I felt were significant enough to be boss level.
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