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Have you tryed this pokemon quizz?


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Apr 29, 2013
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I found this pokemon quiz :Pokémon Quiz

You have to write the names of the pokemon of a generation, of a type, or take the full quiz , in which you has to write the names of all pokemon.
At first, I tried the full quiz, without shadows, without looking anywhere, only using my memory. But It was taking me too much time , so I gave up and tried each generation a day.
I could do the first 3 generations with less than 30 min without any help, gen 4 took me around 40 min, gen 5 took me 55 min + a help with how to spell beheeyem , gen 6 took me 50 min and I discovered that I was calling chesnaught by the wrong name this whole time ( I called it chestnaught), with alola, galar and paldea I needed help with shadows to remember the last 3 pokemon.

So, if you try this quiz, tell me how difficult it was, and which was the most difficult.!
I took it. Although, I mostly looked at the Kanto Pokédex.
It took me nine minutes and sixteen seconds but most of them I was able to remember.
Have you tried it too?
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