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Hello chaps and chapettes

Jun 30, 2020
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Not strictly speaking my first post here, but thought it good to make introductions regardless. I've been in and around a couple of Pokemon communities for years now, but only recently noticed how pleasant and mature this place is.

I've been knee-deep in the franchise since the 90s, when the cards were far bigger than the games here in the UK. My favourite 'Mon is Pinsir since Challenge of the Samurai first aired. Looking forward to getting to know the rest of you!

Oh, and hit me up if you want to get thrashed in a Random battle on Showdown - I can do any Gen, but my best is V.
The snake witch of DWMA
Aug 22, 2009
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Ah I know this 90s feeling well. I was a serious card hoarder as a six year old xD. Thar being said, welcome to the forums! glad to have you with us