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Hello there


You are the Hollow Knight.
Dec 7, 2023
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I’m handy, handium, any pun involving hands. I use any pronouns (not Including neos)

I do art (did my own pfp :]) and I’ve been playing Pokémon for years, started with heartgold. Favorite game is Moon and Violet, no Nintendo online and switch is probably broken because it refuses to connect to the internet so Violet is on version 1.0.0 :]
uh idk what to write so uh bye
welcome Handy! Love the gif in your avatar, the animation reminds me of the sprites from Gen V :bulbaCute: I'm curious, would Vivillon happen to be your favorite Pokémon?

If you ever feel like posting more of your art, I'd encourage you to check out the Art Gallery sometime! We'd love to have ya stop by sometime and share your work. c:

Have fun on the forums!
Thank you! Vivillon isn’t actually my favorite and I originally made the animation for an idea of a romhack I had, my favorite is probably Chikorita or Popplio. :]
And I definitely will once I have more pokemon art!
(for some reason my pfp as least on my end is glitching out and parts are disappearing, I assume it’s either just me or that the gif is too small, it’s around half the size of the recommended size for it)
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