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May 25, 2020
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Hi everyone! I'm SapphicSylveon, y'all can call me Sapphie ^^ I'm 19, a very queer university student majoring in Japanese Language and I'm originally from Finland! I am currently residing in the UK though, where I am also studying. I love drawing, reading/writing, a variety of other anime, foxes, horror and winter sports, only to name a few things.

I'm a big fan of the franchise, especially the games and the fandom, particularly when it comes to art. I'm a digital illustrator myself actually lol~
I wasn't fortunate enough to own any Pokemon games growing up because my parents were the strict type, and I only caught the anime every now and then due to, again, my parents setting me a strict deadline for TV, so I didn't really get into Pokemon until I hit 10 or 11 when I finally got my mum to give me permission to get a DSi for my birthday. I got my first Pokemon game (Pokemon Diamond) second hand and now, as an adult, I'm hooked and determined to play through the games, albeit in reverse xD

Let's see... My favourite region is Kalos hands down because of the French setting, the Pokedex additions and the huge leap X/Y made in terms of introducing new features when Pokemon games were introduced to the 3DS, but Sinnoh will always have a special place in my heart because it's the generation that was airing on TV, meaning that the very very few Pokemon episodes I caught in my early years were set in Sinnoh. My favourite type changes so often but tends to return frequently to Fire, and I have too many favourite Pokemon, but for arguments sake, I'll just put down Absol and the Eeveelutions for now ^^

Anyway, that's kinda me in a nutshell, feel free to come and say hello to me! I'll try and get myself more active on here, as I'd love to get to know some new people!

Sapphie out lads.
"I don't care."
Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there! Welcome aboard!

Your avatar is very cute, by the way.