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Help needed with my pokemon collection


New Member
Jul 1, 2022
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Hello everyone!

I would like to get some help, I hope it is alright to write it here.
Way back like a good decade ago I collected pokemon things, figures and plushies mostly (on the biggest part its the 1st generation), but I have other toys and whatnot and I would like to get some help trying to see the overall rareness of the stuff that I have. I collected these things because I love 1st gen. pokemon but I have absolutely zero knowledge about their value or rarity. In all honesty I'll be moving back home soon and I already see it coming to a time when I may have to part ways with them.
In a couple weeks hopefully I'll be bringing my furnitures back and I'll be able to take photos of everything that I have.
And so I'd like to ask if you people have knowledge on this matter and if I could upload pictures of everything that I have and you could tell me if there are anything in there "worth mentioning".
I even have some mechanical plushies that the last time I tried were working just fine, for ex. a Mew plush who's eyes and tail moves around.

Thank you in advance for any replies!
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