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Help with Galar's Real Life Geography Locations...

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Dec 22, 2018
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Hi there, I've been wanting to ask if I could help you with the geography locations for the Galar Region, since Geography and me living in the UK is one of my strongest points.

First of. Galar is the island of Great Britain flipped around so to look at it from the north southwards, with some of the landmarks moved around, for examples...

  • The Scottish Highlands are located where Southern England is supposed to be.
  • The Manchester City is where Newcastle should be
  • The Birmingham City is where Manchester should be
  • Liverpool (The snowy city) is where North Wales is
But apart from those minor changes, the location of others are still accurate...

  • Kilburn (Milo's Gym) has a Hill Figure of a horse, despite the design being based on that found in Southern England like the Uffington White Horse.
  • Blackpool (Nessa's Gym), despite having a Lighthouse instead of a Tower, although Fleetwood nearby has Lighthouses.
  • Buxton/Peak District (Bea/Allister's Gym) and Sherwood Forest/Nottingham (Mushroom Forest) seems accurate enough to me.
  • The rows of houses could be Southport by basing the locations on geography.
  • The Wild Area, although where Southern Scotland is, seems to be more based on the Lake District National Park, which is a major tourist hotspot with it's lakes and mountains.
Also, I just thought I let you know that, as it is a very popular tourist attraction, especially for Japanese and Chinese tourists. From the E3 showcase, the following areas within the place are as follows...

  • South Lake Milock - Located close to the railway bridge and wall to Manchester City (Lake Windermere)
  • Rolling Fields
  • East Lake Axewell - Located close to the entrance to Manchester City (Derwent Water)
I hope these finding would be useful to you, thank you.