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Herb's stats

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by herb, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. herb

    herb New Member

    Blog Posts:
    Jul 2, 2015
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    Name: Herb
    Money: $13,000
    Contest Credits: $5,000
    Battle Count: 0
    W/L/D: 0/0/0
    Items: 0
    Badges: 0
    Coupons: 1 Move Coupon


    Name: Cyndaquil
    Gender: Male
    Obtained: Starter
    Abilities: Blaze, Flash Fire (HA)
    Level Up Moves: Defense Curl, Double-Edge, Ember, Eruption, Flame Charge, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Inferno, Lava Plume, Leer, Quick Attack, Rollout, Smokescreen, Swift, Tackle
    TM/HM/Tutor/Breeding Moves: -
    Battles: 0

    Name: Heracross
    Gender: Female
    Obtained: Mart
    Abilities: Swarm, Guts, Moxie (HA)
    Level Up Moves: Aerial Ace, Arm Thrust, Brick Break, Bullet Seed, Chip Away, Close Combat, Counter, Endure, Feint, Fury Attack, Horn Attack, Leer, Megahorn, Night Slash, Pin Missile, Reversal, Tackle, Take Down
    TM/HM/Tutor/Breeding Moves: -
    Battles: 0

    Name: Phanpy
    Gender: Male
    Obtained: Story - Pathway to the Underground
    Abilities: Pickup, Sandveil (HA)
    Level Up Moves: Charm, Defense Curl, Double-Edge, Endure, Flail, Growl, Last Resort, Natural Gift, Odor Sleuth, Rollout, Slam, Tackle, Take Down
    TM/HM/Tutor/Breeding Moves: -
    Battles: 0

    Name: Bagon
    Gender: Female
    Obtained: Mart
    Abilities: Rock Head, Sheer Force (HA)
    Level Up Moves: Bite, Crunch, Double-Edge, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Ember, Flamethrower, Focus Energy, Headbutt, Leer, Rage, Scary Face, Zen Headbutt
    TM/HM/Tutor/Breeding Moves: -
    Battles: 0
    #1 herb, Jul 7, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2015