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EVERYONE: Higher Dimensions of Thought

It's been a while
Jun 9, 2010
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So I published this thing I wrote recently to a site called Medium. Which is like the long form version of twitter. I thought I'd publish it here as well, since I'd love to discuss it. So, give it a quick read if you have the time and tell me what you think. Just don't overthink it.

Link to the original post.
(if you use medium a ❤ be nice :))

Higher Dimensions of Thought

Overthinking isn’t unlike overeating. It’s often compulsive. It stops me from doing the things I’m thinking about doing because I’m too busy thinking about doing them. And the more I think, the more difficult it is to stop.

It’s starts off 3 dimensional, I say to myself “let’s do this!” and a little time passes by and I find excuses for why I didn’t do it. But it doesn’t stop there, oh no.

Then it becomes 4 dimensional, I say to myself “I’m going to do this!” as if I’m somehow connected to that uncertain future which I never reach. I even start to imagine how it’ll feel when I’m done, and what do ya know, my brain actually believes that I’ve done it!

You think it’s over? Nope.

Then it’s 5 dimensional, I start to think of every possible way I could have done it (let’s be clear here we’re passed the 4th dimension, tenses don’t matter). I exhaust myself with multidimensional delusions that for me have actually happened, are happening, and worst of all will happen.

No, they won’t.

While I’m busy overthinking, the rest of the world is moving at blinding speeds. So, I take comfort in the fact that my little world is perfect. Everything I want has happened. And if I want anything to happen, it does. And it does in every single iteration until I’m tired and move on to the next thing.

It’s like a logical error. An infinite loop that cripples my brain’s thought processes.

I had to force myself to write this.

Don’t get me wrong, thinking is one of the most enjoyable activities I do. I can do it anytime and anywhere.

But after a while I find myself only doing the things that I have to do, or the things that I only do to evade boredom.

And the things that I want to do? I’d like to say they’re dreams, but they’re in fact nothing more than delusions.

I console myself by constantly inflating my ego. By comparing my talents and knowledge to others who are “less” than me. I lie to myself. And I don’t even realize it.

The first post I wanted to make here on medium was going to be about honesty. Titled “Honesty isn’t the best policy, it’s the only good policy.” But I didn’t write it. Why?


In some ways, overthinking is a coping mechanism. I was afraid of what might happen if I had exposed myself to the world.

I’m going to be completely open when I say this, and I’m sure that it’s been pointed out many times before, overthinking has been the number one reason for my inaction.

All the things that I’m proud of, the things that I look back at and smile at are all things that I’ve done without reaching that 5th dimension. It’s difficult not to imagine how it’ll be when I’m done with something (the 4th dimension), it’s usually my second thought. But at least I don’t end up drowning in the ocean of possibilities.

I want this post to be a reminder, that if I want to get things done I don’t need fancy productivity tools. I don’t need a perfect schedule. I don’t always need to prepare myself, though, it’s usually a good idea. But what I need, is to trust my instincts more, and just do.

I’ll leave overthinking to my leisure time, and only for complex philosophical and scientific ideas.
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Back in Black
Dec 12, 2014
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Interesting premise.

I bet a Pokemon fic written with the main character, perhaps a trainer, having this thought condition would be quite fascinating.

Do you have any plans on making this into a larger length story? What you have written would make a nice prologue.