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HiPS' Stats

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by Rocket Queen, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Rocket Queen

    Rocket Queen Clear skies, full hearts, can't lose.
    Social Media Coordinator

    Blog Posts:
    Feb 12, 2009
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    Sceptile (SLCalamity)
    Hitmonchan (Monbrey)
    Porygon (Fawkes)
    Starmie (Jesse)
    Hitmontop (Smorgesboard)
    Gengar (Derian)
    Absol (Dust)
    Togekiss (Husnain)
    Arcanine (Bee)
    Infernape (Metabee)
    Diglett (Mubz)
    Delcatty (Scourge)
    Jolteon (Mav)
    Hitmonlee (WTP)
    Machop (Ryoku)
    Mightyena (Wiseguy)

    Your Name - Hide in Plain Sight (HiPS)
    AIM - Matt5Skip / TitansManiac5
    IRC (if on) - HiPS
    How much money you have - $16250
    Contest Credits - $2500
    Record (W - L - D): 88 - 76 - 11
    Dojo Record: 8 - 9 - 0
    Veilstone Gym Record: 6 - 9 - 0
    Trovita Gym Record: 0 - 4 - 0
    Your current position: Trainer, Trovita Gym Leader
    Past Positions: Fighting Dojo Master, Veilstone Gym Leader

    Free For All Stats:

    Free For All Record: 6 - 49

    Battle One: Ryu placed 6th
    Battle Two: Ryu placed 17th or so
    Battle Three: Ryu placed 6th
    Battle Four: Ezio placed 4th
    Battle Five: Ezio placed 7th
    Battle Six: Ezio placed 5th
    Battle Seven: Ezio placed 7th out of 26
    Battle Eight: Ezio placed 1st out of 22

    Battle Twelve: Kelly placed 5th out of 33
    Battle Thirteen: Ezio placed 3rd out of 14
    Battle Fourteen: Ezio placed 11th out of 23
    Battle Fifteen: Jolteon placed 12th out of 27
    Battle Sixteen: Ezio placed 11th out of 28
    Battle Seventeen: Ezio placed 4th out of 9
    Battle Eighteen: Ezio placed 4th out of 10
    Battle Nineteen: Ezio placed 2nd out of 10
    Battle Twenty: Ezio placed 1st out of 23
    Battle Twenty One: Ezio placed 2nd out of 9
    Battle Twenty Two: Kelly placed 7th out of 25
    Battle Twenty Three: Dynamo placed 13th out of 23

    Battle Twenty Six: Ezio placed 15th out of 25
    Battle Twenty Eight: Ezio placed 8th out of 20
    Battle Twenty Nine: Ezio placed 2nd out of 18

    Battle 34: Kiss Kiss 1st out of 7
    Battle 35: Dynamo 6th out of 23
    Battle 36: Seviper (special FFA rental) 4th place
    Battle 37: Ezio first out of who knows?

    Battle 42: Ezio first out of 24
    Battle 45: Ezio first out of 9

    Battle 47: Ezio 3rd out of 9

    Battle 51: Ezio 4th out of 20
    Battle 54: Ezio 2nd out of 6

    Current Pokemon:

    Scizor (Ryu) - starter
    [​IMG] (Sprite by Monbrey)

    Adamant, Male, Technician / Swarm
    Battles - 50
    Total Record: 34 - 16 -0

    TM / BM Moves: Brick Break, Roost, Strength

    Appearance: Instead of the normal lime green hue of Scizor, Ryu is jet black in color except for his sword arms, which are still silver. His eyes glow a deep red.

    Infernape (Ezio) - purchased from the Pokemart on 4/18/10
    Jolly, Male, Blaze
    Battles - 104
    Standard Record: 66 - 38 - 0

    TM / BM Moves: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Grass Knot, Bulk Up, Substitute, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Stone Edge, Brick Break, U-Turn, Shadow Claw, Toxic, Protect, Strength, HP Electric, Encore, Swagger, Aerial Ace, Stealth Rock, Overheat, Roar, Attract, Captivate, Focus Punch, Rock Tomb, Will-o-Wisp, Flame Charge, Acrobatics, Bulldoze, Thunderpunch, Fake Out



    Staraptor (Starsky) - obtained from Poke mart on 5/8/10
    Battles - 17
    Record - 7 - 10

    TM / BM Moves: Return

    Heracross (Leonardo) - obtained from Poke mart on 5/11/10
    Battles - 1
    Record - 1 - 0
    TMs / BMs - Stone Edge

    Togekiss (Kiss Kiss) - Obtained from Poke mart on 5/16/10
    Battles - 25
    Record - 14 - 11
    TMs / BMs - Tri Attack, Nasty Plot (both learned on 5/31), Thunder Wave, Protect, Substitute, Solarbeam, Toxic, Psych Up, Flamethrower, Roost

    Charizard (Drago) - obtained from trade with Wrave for Jolteon
    Battles - 1
    Record - 1 - 0
    FFA's -
    TM's / BMs - Fury Cutter

    Electivire (Thor) - obtained from Poke mart on 5/18
    Battles - 13
    Record - 8 - 5
    FFAs -
    TMs / BMs - Ice Pawnch, Brick Break, Earthquake

    Amp (Jolteon)
    Obtained: Trade with Synners for Bond the Gallade
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Modest
    Battles: 10/2/0
    Additional Moves: TM Roar, TM Swagger, TM Charge Beam, TM Attract, TM Shadow Ball, TM Reflect, TM Protect, TM Hidden Power: Psychic, MT Magnet Rise, BM Yawn, BM Wish, BM Growth
    FFA: 5TH/11, 1ST/29

    Pikachu (Dynamo) - Obtained from Poke mart on 6/5/10
    Battles - 12
    Record - 6 - 6
    FFA -
    TMs / BMs - Volt Tackle (6/5), Grass Knot, Protect, Substitute, Brick Break

    Dominic (Dragonite) - obtained from mart on 6/26
    Record: 6 - 4

    Optimus Prime (Metagross) - obtained from mart on 6/26
    Record: 2 - 8

    Backup Singer (Jolteon)
    Record - 3 - 3 - 1
    EMs - HP Dragon

    Money Mayweather (Hitmontop) - obtained in trade with Marshy for Rapidash
    Battles -
    Record -
    TMs / BMs - Mach Punch, Bullet Punch

    Rick Gastley (Gengar) - obtained in Halloween Park Party Auction on 10/30/10
    Record - 1-0-9
    EMs - Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Psych Up, Sub, Protect, Sunny Day, Explosion

    Creed (Hitmonchan) - Obtained in Trade with Haze for Eevee
    Record - 3 - 3 - 0
    EMs - Brick Break, Bulk Up, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Return, Focus Punch, Drain Punch, Facade, Toxic, Swagger, Rest, Sleep Talk

    Completely Outclassed (Vibavra) - obtained in trade with Wrave for Totodile
    Battles - 6 with Wrave
    EMs- Outrage

    Rocky (Poochyena) - obtained from mart on 11/14
    Battles -
    EMs -

    TourneyTroll (Gible) - Obtained from mart on 11/14
    Battles -
    EMs -

    Rainmaker (Magikrap) - obtained from Gauntlet draw on 12/16
    Battles -
    EMs -

    Tux - (Empoleon) - Obtained from Wrave in trade for Treecko
    Battles -
    EMs - Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Flash Cannon, HP Poison, Surf, Waterfall, Agility, Signal Beam

    Rocky (Arcanine) - Obtained in Winter 2010 Auction
    Battles -
    EMs -

    Spare Eevee 1 (m) - obtained from mart on 11/25
    EMs - HP Fire

    Sugar Ray (Hitmonlee) (m) - obtained from Winter 2010 Gift Station (Synthesis)
    Battles: 0 - 7

    King James (Nidoking) (m) - obtained from Winter 2010 Gift Station (DoH)

    FUCK YEAH! (Seaking) (m) - obtained from Winter 2010 Gift Station (Derian)
    EMs- Swords Dance

    Alaska the Rapekitty (Delcatty) (f) - obtained from Winter 2010 Gift Station (Alaska)

    I Liek Mudkipz (Mudkip) (f) - obtained from Winter 2010 Gift Station (MiloticGirl)

    Poison Ivy (Sceptile) (m) - Obtained from Noble One for Ralts
    Battles -
    TM Moves: Earthquake, Focus Blast, Aerial Ace, Sceptile
    HM’s: Strength, Rock Climb
    SM, BM, and MT Moves: Thunder Punch, Frenzy Plant

    Ruffles Have Ridges (Rufflet) - obtained from mart
    Battles: 0 - 5

    Natty Ice (Smugleaf / Snivy) - obtained from mart

    Machoptop (Machop) (m) - Obtained from 2011 Valentines Doubles Tourney

    Achilles (Porygon) - Obtained from Story (Confessions of a Champion)

    Digger Phelps (Diglett) - Obtained from National Park

    Brobat (Crobat) - Obtained from Ace in the Spring '11 Gift Station
    EMs: TM Taunt, TM U-Turn, TM X-Scissor, TM Roost, TM Giga Drain, MT Tailwind, MT Super Fang, BM Brave Bird, HM Fly

    Destroyer of Worlds (Butterfree) - Obtained from Team Evolution in the '11 Gift Station

    Alaska (Absol) - Obtained from Alaska in the Spring '11 Gift Station
    EMs: Water Pulse

    Starstruck (Starmie) - Obtained from Stinky in the Spring '11 Gift Station
    EMs: Surf ; Waterfall ; HP Bug ; Thunderbolt ; Ice Beam ; Psychic ; Toxic ; Substitute ; Reflect ; Thunder Wave ; Psych Up ; Icy Wind ; Protect ; Rain Dance ; Skill Swap ; Brine ; Flash Cannon ; Grass Knot ; Thunder ; Trick Room ; Sleep Talk ; Blizzard ; Rest ; Swagger ; Flash, Trick

    Current Items:

    Cable Link x1, Life Orb x1, Fire Stone x1, Water Stone x1, Thunderstone x1, Water Pulse TM (won from Water Dojo), Light Ball x1, Leftovers x1, Ice Beam TM x3 (won from Lottery, Snowpoint Gym and Ice Dojo), Dome Fossil (obtained in Underground), Strength HM, Swords Dance TM (from Halloween Event), Expert Belt x2, Focus Sash x1, Choice Scarf x1, Choice Sash x1, Choice Band x1, Lum Berry x100, 1x Flash Cannon (from Steel Dojo), 1 Aerial Ace TM (from Violet Gym)

    4x Hyper Ball, 1x Super Ball, 3x Park Ball, 1x Max Potion, 3x Full Restore

    Badges Held:

    Kanto - Boulder Badge (defeats Gliscorman)
    Johto - Zephyr Badge (defeats Alaska)
    Hoenn -
    Sinnoh - Cobble Badge (my gym), Glacier Badge (defeats Derian)
    Dojo League - Impact Sash (fighting, my former dojo), Sea Sash (water dojo), Shimmer Sash (ice dojo), Acid Belt (poison dojo), Gear Belt (steel dojo)

    Gifted away mons.

    Lucario (Altair) - obtained from a story on 4/26/10. Given to Alaska in Spring '11 Gift Station

    [​IMG] (Sprite by Monbrey)

    Battles - 56

    Total Record: 29 - 27 -0

    TM / BM Moves: Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Earthquake, Strength, HP Rock, Psychic

    Appearance: This Lucario is red and white (mostly white with red trim) instead of blue and black.
    #1 Rocket Queen, Apr 15, 2010
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2011
  2. Rocket Queen

    Rocket Queen Clear skies, full hearts, can't lose.
    Social Media Coordinator

    Blog Posts:
    Feb 12, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    Veilstone Gym!

    Gym TM: Bulk Up
    Gym Record: 6 - 9

    Gym Rules:

    Weather – normal
    Terrain - off
    3 v 3 battles
    Freeze Clause
    Sleep Clause
    OHKO clause
    Held Items Off
    All of the leader’s Pokémon know the Gym TM (Bulk Up)

    Gym Lineup:

    Altair the Infernape
    Ezio the Lucario
    Leonardo the Heracross
    Bond the Gallade
    Thor the Electivire
    Money Mayweather the Hitmontop
    Creed the Hitmonchan

    Chuck the Poliwrath
    Bruno the Machamp
    Seed the Breloom
    HiPS Fighting Dojo!

    Reward - Money, Impact Sash and Dojo TM
    Dojo TM - Brick Break
    Dojo Leader - Jet Mayweather
    Dojo Theme Music - "Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor
    Dojo Battle Music - HGSS versus Lance / Red
    Dojo Main Color - Gold
    Dojo Secondary Colors - Silver and Red

    Victorious Challengers: Badalcristiano, Acetrainer14 Magichicken, Dust, TheSyn4 Wrave, Ash K. and Monbrey

    Defeated Challengers: Stormy, Ash K, sv_Gravity 000, Wiseguy, Monbrey, ArceusFan and KCDiamondback

    Dojo Squad:

    Altair the Infernape
    Ezio the Lucario
    Leonardo the Heracross
    Bond the Gallade

    Chuck the Poliwrath
    Apollo the Hitmonchan
    Bruno the Machamp
    Seed the Breloom
    Ryu the Scizor (Wild Card)

    Fighting Dojo Rules

    Weather – normal
    Terrain - off
    3 v 3 battles
    Freeze Clause
    Sleep Clause
    OHKO clause
    Held Items Off
    All of the leader’s Pokémon know the Dojo TM (Brick Break)

    Dojo Battle Records:

    Battle One - Versus Stormy

    Hitmonchan, Infernape and Gallade (not used) versus Pelipper, Xatu and Charizard

    Hitmonchan defeats Pelipper
    Hitmonchan defeats Xatu
    Hitmonchan falls to Charizard
    Infernape defeats Charizard

    3 - 1 victory for the dojo leader.

    Log here: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showpost.php?p=1645506&postcount=51

    Battle Two - versus Badalcristiano

    Hitmonchan, Gallade and Infernape versus Salamence, Charizard and Gyarados

    Infernape defeats Charizard
    Hitmonchan falls to Gyarados
    Infernape defeats Salamence
    Infernape falls to Gyarados
    Gallade falls to Gyarados

    In a match that featured a ton of switching (mostly by me), I made one tactical error in the middle of the match (trying to save Infernape when I should have just sacrificed him to weaken that Gyarados) and Badal was able to capitalize and I simply had no answer for Gyarados in the end.

    Ref Log: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showpost.php?p=1646358&postcount=209

    Battle Number Three: versus Magichicken

    Infernape, Lucario and Hitmonchan versus Gallade

    Gallade... well he raped my team. Didnt realize Gallade could carry EQ, so he KOed my Lucario before I could get a move off. Psycho Cuts finished Hitmonchan and Infernape.

    Battle Number Four: Versus Ash. K

    Infernrape versus Gallade, Dragonite and Charizard

    Infernape defeats Dragonite
    Infernape defeats Charizard
    Infernape defeats Gallade

    Infernape weakened Gallade, forcing a switch to Dragonite. Infernape gets a clutch Stone Edge critical hit on Dragonite to knock it out. Charizard comes in against my terror of an ape, but Stone Edge misses. On the second attempt, another Stone Edge crit knocks Charizard into next July (-211 % HP to be precise). It was easy to finish off the wounded Gallade after.

    Ref Log: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showpost.php?p=1681973&postcount=46

    Battle Five: versus Dust

    Infernape, Lucario and Hitmonchan versus Dusknoir, Mismagius and Gengar

    Infernape defeated by Dusknoir
    Lucario defeats Dusknoir
    Lucario defeats Mismagius
    Gengar defeats Lucario
    Gengar defeats Hitmonchan

    Pretty straight forward battle, but in the end Hitmonchan just couldnt beat Gengar.

    Battle Number Six - versus sv_Gravity 000

    Infernape versus Pidgeot and Nidoking

    Infernape defeats Lucario
    Infernape defeats Nidoking

    Pidgeot eats a Stone Edge Crit and goes down hard. Nidoking eats two earthquakes and goes down as well.

    Ref Log: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showpost.php?p=1697426&postcount=53

    Battle Number Seven: Versus Wiseguy

    Infernape, Lucario and Hitmonchan versus Pidgeot, Raichu and Torterra

    Infernape defeats Pidgeot
    Infernape falls to Raichu
    Hitmonchan defeats Torterra
    Hitmonchan falls to Raichu
    Lucario defeats Raichu

    Pidgeot eats two Stone Edges and goes down after dealing a good bit of damage to Ape. Raichu out next and after surviving an Earthquake is able to KO Ape with Surf. Luke comes in next and forces a switch to Torterra. I switch to Hitmonchan. Hitmonchan delivers two quick Ice Punches to Torterra's face after surviving two Earthquakes. Raichu forced back in and Quick Attack KOes Hitmonchan. Luke comes back in and Extremespeeds for the win.

    Battle Number Eight: versus Monbrey

    Infernape, Lucario and Gallade versus Magmortar, Charizard and Salamence

    Gallade falls to Charizard
    Infernape defeats Charizard
    Lucario defeats Magmortar
    Lucario defeats Salamence

    Infernape uses Earthquake on Magmortar but is confused. Switches are forced, myself to Gallade and Monbrey to Charizard. After setups (Charizard using Tailwind and Gallade Swords Dancing), Charizard defeats Gallade, but Infernape comes in and manages a OHKO on Charizard with Stone Edge. The presence of Salamence forces me to switch to Lucario. Lucario Ice Punches Mence and I get lucky and freeze Mence. That forces another switch to Magmortar. Lucario outspeeds and Close Combats Magmortar for the KO. Frozen Mence is helpless, and goes down to another Ice Punch.

    Battle Nine - versus Ash K.

    Log up when I get a minute. Ash won.

    Battle Ten - versus Monbrey (rematch)

    Infernape, Gallade and Lucario versus Swampert, Infernape and Charizard

    Infernape falls to Infernape
    Gallade defeats Infernape
    Charizard defeats Gallade
    Charizard defeats Lucario

    Battle Eleven - versus KCDiamondback

    Infernape, Scizor, Lucario versus Salamence, Ninetales and Venusaur

    Lucario defeats Salamence
    Lucario falls to Ninetales
    Infernape defeats Ninetales
    Infernape defeats Venusaur

    Infernape versus Salamence leads. I switch to Luke, who takes out Mence with two Ice Punches. Ninetales takes out Lucario and Ape back in. Ape promptly EQs Ninetales, who tried to plot in a nasty manner. Ape wasn't amused and KOed the fox with another EQ. Venusaur comes in. Venusaur is burnt to a crisp.

    Battle Twelve - versus Wrave

    Infernape, Lucario and Hitmonchan versus Floatzel, Dragonite and Dodrio

    Hitmonchan falls to Floatzel
    Lucario defeats Floatzel
    Lucario defeats Dragonite
    Lucario falls to Dodrio
    Infernape falls to Dodrio

    Infernape versus Floatzel to start. I switch to Hitmonchan and Floatzel rain dances. Intense battle between these two and Floatzel finishes Hitmonchan. Luke easily revenge kills Floatzel with X-Speed. Dragonite comes in and Luke dispatches the Dragon with two Ice Punches. This leads to Dodrio knocking out Luke, bringing Ape back in. Terrible luck with a stone edge miss allows Dodrio to grab a shocking win.

    Battle Number Thirteen - versus AceTrainer14

    Infernape, Scizor and Lucario versus Staraptor, Dragonite and Charizard

    Infernape defeats Staraptor
    Scizor defeats Dragonite
    Infernape falls to Charizard
    Scizor falls to Charizard
    Lucario falls to Charizard

    Infernape and Staraptor leads. Infernape starts with Stone Edge and crits Staraptor for an OHKO. Dragonite comes in and Infernape uses another Stone Edge. Dragonite flies up, and I switch to Lucario. One Ice Punch (which came so close to a KO) and one fly later, I switch to Scizor to get a quick bullet punch KO and keep Lucario for later just in case. Charizard comes in and I switch back to Infernape because poor Scizor would get his face roasted off. After taking a flamethrower, Infernape uses stone edge. It missed. fuck. Alright... take two. Stone Edge again... It missed. Again. Infernape goes down. from there, I'm fucked. bad team choosing on my part here.

    Battle number fourteen - versus Arceusfan

    Scizor, Lucario and Infernape versus Espeon, Typhlosion and Togekiss

    Infernape defeats Togekiss
    Infernape falls to Espeon
    Scizor defeats Espeon
    Scizor falls to Typhlosion
    Lucario defeats Typhlosion

    Scizor and Espeon leads. I start with Swords Dance to set up with Scizor, knowing Espeon isn't going to hit me with a fire attack. Typhlosion comes in, forcing Scizor out. I bring Infernape in. After taking an Eruption from Typhlosion, Ape Earthquakes twice but before the second can hit, Togekiss comes in. Infernape Stone Edges and Kiss' Air Slash misses. Lucky me. Ape Stone Edges once more and Kiss Thunder Waves. A Mach Punch KOs Kiss. Espeon comes in and is able to easily revenge kill the paralyzed Infernape. Lucario comes in. After a Shadow Ball / Psychic exchange, I send Scizor in. Scizor uses Agility to get a speed jump on the opposition. After that, Scizor uses Night Slash to KO Espeon. Typhlosion comes back in. Scizor Brick Breaks and Typhlosion Flamers. Lucario ends the match with an X-Speed on a weakened Typhlosion

    Battle Number Fifteen - versus TheSyn4

    Infernape, Lucario and Gallade versus Togekiss, Machamp, Electivire

    Infernape falls to Togekiss
    Lucario defeats Kiss
    Lucario falls to Machamp
    Gallade defeats Machamp
    Electivire defeats Gallade

    Ape Stone Edges. Kiss T-Waves. Ape Stone Edge Miss. Kiss Air Slash. Ape Mach Punch. Kiss Air Slash and Apey goes down. Lucario in and Ice Punch. Kiss T-Waves again. Lucario X-Speed KO. Machamp in. Machamp Dyanmic Punches KO. Gallade in. Gallade Psycho Cut. Machamp DynamicPunch. Gallade Psycho Cut. KO. Electivire in. Psycho Cut. ThunderPunch. Repeat. I lose.

    Trovita Gym

    Record: 0 - 4

    Winning Winners: Alaskapiegon, Noble One, Derian, Pman
    Losing Losers:

    Rules: 3v3 type battle. Challenger chooses three types, best two of three is the winner.
    Badge: Spike Shell badge


    Fire: Infernape (owned)
    Water: Empoleon (owned)
    Grass: Sceptile (owned)
    Flying: Staraptor (owned)
    Fighting: Hitmonchan (owned)
    Psychic: Starmie (owned)
    Steel: Metagross (owned)
    Electric: Jolteon (the female one) (owned)
    Poison: Gengar (owned)
    Ghost: Chandelure (rented)
    Dragon: Dragonite (owned)
    Ground: Swampert (rented)
    Ice: Lapras (rented)
    Bug: Scizor (owned)
    Dark: Hydregion (rented)
    Rock: Rhyperior (rented)
    Normal: Togekiss (owned)
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    Last edited: May 11, 2011