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Review HIS01: Onto the Icy Blue


Cam Girl~
Sep 8, 2019
Reaction score
Definitely would have appreciated this more if it had come out around PLA's release (or even in the lead up to it), but better late than never.
Certainly feels like the reveal of S/V kinda tread on this web anime’s toes as we didn’t know about BD/SP until after Twilight Wings was wrapped up. :unsure:


I swear I don’t even know what’s going on anymore
Feb 25, 2022
Reaction score
Also note that in the start alongside those Mightyena was a Donphan and what looked like a Slakoth.

Hoenn confirmed?
One in the tree appears to be an Arbok to me


Well-Known Member
May 13, 2014
Reaction score
The animation and the ambientation were top-notch as expected. It really felt like an ancient story we get to experience that doesn't take place in the Pokemon world we knew and the calculated pace certainly helped.

However I have to admit I'm somehwat disappointed on the scope and predictability the story seams to be taking. The story is really just about the boy and Zorua, so I wouldn't be surprised if Part 2 is about them bonding and Part 3 is a climax about them battling an Alpha or something, and at the end the father discovers Pokemon can be good. I know that's not a problem for some people and that's fine, but for Hisui's only animation project in the near future I expected something more epic.


Active Member
Aug 3, 2017
Reaction score
Oh man I don't really want "epic" at all from this. These shorts are always at their best when they're vignette-y and slice-of-life.


Apr 29, 2013
Reaction score
I love shiny hisuian zorua, I caught one in legends arceus. Hisuian zorua is a regular zorua that died in the cold environment and reincarnated, thats why there is a dead regular zorua in the beginning. That dead regular zorua might be the shiny hisuian zorua ending its previous life before reincarnating .

I like that shiny hisuian zorua looks more like regular zorua. It just makes sense that some individuals in a population would keep at least some of the traits that used to be common in the past. It happened in real life with moths before. Most moths of a species were white, just like the trees they usually stayed on. Very few moths were dark grey. When factories began to work nearby their environment, the trees became dirty, and the white moths became easier preys. The dark grey moths reproduced more and soon most of the moths were dark grey. Few white moths survived and reproduced. Then , people turned the factories more environmentally friendly and they started to be less dirty. White moths had the advantage again , and dark grey moths became rare.

Well, I think shiny hisuian zorua is interesting because of this real life moths story. We know that one day the hisuian zorua will become extinct , and the ones with grey fur will be the regular ones again. Maybe someone will take the shiny zoruas to unova and breed them there, while regular hisuian zoruas become extinct in nature. I would like to see it happening in the shorts, but i know its very unlikely.
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