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EVENT Hoenn Celebration

the future is not written
May 1, 2009
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As the Hatchathon ends, we've started a new event -- the Hoenn Celebration! There will be increased spawns of Hoenn Pokémon, among other things. It started just now, Jan 15, at 1PM PST, and will run until Jan 29, 2019, at 1PM PST.

  • Field research highlighting Pokémon from the Hoenn region
  • Raids will contain mostly Hoenn Pokémon, with legendary eggs hatching into either Groudon or Kyogre
  • 7km eggs have a higher chance of hatching Hoenn Pokémon
  • Shroomish that are evolved into Breloom will know the exclusive move Grass Knot
  • Shiny Taillow and Shiny Zigzagoon can be encountered in the wild!
  • New outfits featuring Teams Magma and Aqua
Happy hunting!
Jul 10, 2015
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I'm super excited to hunt down some more Groudon!