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Mafia Holiday Mafia 2017: Endgame: The Ghosts of Kwanzaas Past 15/1/18

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Night 9: Distorted Meaning
CheffOfGames: III (???, AussieEevee, jdthebud)
AussieEevee: I (CheffOfGames)

Night 9: Distorted Meaning

With the death of Matityahu, the heroes rallied.
And now, as the day ends the votes are tallied.
CheffOfGames is next to be put on the block.
With his death, the soundrel's victory sinks like a rock.

Dear CheffOfGames,

Shlomo The Meanie of Chanukah said:
That's it! You and me, old man! Right now!
You are The Meanie of Chanukah from A Rugrats Chanukah, also known as Shlomo.
When Tommy Pickles is taken to the Jewish convention center for a Chanukah play, he overhears his grandpa Borris complaining about how they used a picture of Shlomo instead of him for the local newspaper article about the play. The play is called "The Meaning of Chanukah," but, being a baby, Tommy and his friends misunderstand and believe that Shlomo is The Meanie of Chanukah. This notion is further exacerbated when Borris gripes that "this play will be the end of me." Fearing for Grandpa Borris's life, Tommy and his friends set out to defeat the Meanie of Chanukah by putting him down for a nap. When their first attempt is thwarted, the babies are taken into the nursery, where they team up with Angelica in order to steal the janitor's TV, since grownups always fall asleep while watching TV. However, the babies are, predictably, backstabbed by Angelica, who merely wanted the TV to watch A Very Cynthia Christmas. As she ran away, she collided with a distraught Shlomo, who had just been in an argument with Borris, breaking the TV. As the now completely flustered Shlomo attempts to comfort Angelica, the babies try one last ditch effort to put the Meanie down for a nap, by getting him to read them a story.
Because you are, in reality, just a guy named Shlomo, you don't appear threatening at all. As such, you are the Godfather. All cop checks against you will appear as though you are a Holiday Hero. Furthermore, because you appear so innocuous compared to your comrades, people are not afraid to divulge information to you, as such you are the Role Cop. Each night, you may PM the hosts: Schmooze with <player>. You will learn that player's role upon the phase change.
You are allied with the Seasonal Scoundrels, and you win when all hostile factions have been eliminated.

The Meanie of Chanukah was the last mafioso to die.
But, alas, it would seem that he was not the only bad guy.
The game continues now, going into a state of overtime.
But seriously, look at how quickly this game turned on a dime.

The heroes, once downtrodden, are now able to win it all.
The villains now face extinction and their ultimate downfall.
One final variable influences this very complex equation.
Who will the mysterious voter choose on the next occasion?

It is now Night 9. Phase will end when all actions are submitted or when 24 hours have passed.
Day 10: This is Really Just a Formality

Day 10: This is Really Just a Formality

And now, at last, we've come down to the final phase.
Truly, this game's ultimate outcome managed amaze.
Let us proceed and make haste, so we all can move on.
The time has nearly come for me to depart and be gone.

Players, make your votes and we will end this at last.
Hosting games these past years has truly been a blast.
But now the time has come. I am going to be retired.
With my recent promotion, this is something required.

No one died. It is now Day 10. Phase ends when the votes have all been placed or 48 hours have passed. (Don't make us wait that long, please.)
Endgame: The Ghosts of Kwanzaas Past
AussieEevee: II (???, jdthebud)
(presumably jdthebud: I (AussieEevee))

Endgame: The Ghosts of Kwanzaas Past

Here is the final chapter in our tale of life and death.
A tale that will leave all future readers out of breath.
The final outcome, so unexpected and so sudden.
All of the villains were, somehow completely done in.

Robot Santa each year caused suffering and pain.
But now, he was shut down from his robotic brain.
And now the holidays can be celebrated with joy.
And presents there will be for every girl and boy.

Dear AussieEevee,

Robot Santa said:
I'm going to tear off your skin like wrapping paper and deck the halls with your guts!
You are Robot Santa, from Futurama.
Created by Mom's Friendly Robot Company in the year 2801, Robot Santa was originally intended to bring gifts to the people of Earth on Xmas. Instead, due to a glitch in his judgement circuits, his standards are impossibly high, and he views everybody as naughty (except Dr. John Zoidberg, for whatever reason). Unfortunately for everyone who isn't Dr. Zoidberg, punishment for naughtiness is death. As such, people tend to hide when you ride into town on your sleigh driven by the robotic reindeer, Trasher and Smasher. During the other 364 days of the Earthican year, Robot Santa spends his time in his Death Fortress on Neptune, where the inhabitants of a nearby town, shrimpy Neptunians whose growth was stunted due to a lack of food, act as his aides, though they're all unemployed since Santa's factory closed down. After all, if everyone is naughty, there's no need for a toy making factory.
Robot Santa participated in the Battle for Earth, 3007, alongside the Kwanzaa-bot and Chanukah Zombie, forming the Holy Trinity.
Because you view everybody as naughty, you don't care if someone is a Holiday Hero or a Seasonal Scoundrel, you want them all dead. As such, you are the Serial Killer. Each night, you may PM the hosts: Get jolly on <player>'s naughty ass, and you will kill that player. Furthermore, due to your robotic plating acting as armor, you are also completely Bulletproof, meaning that you can never be nightkilled.
You are allied with yourself, and you win if you are the last player standing or if this is unavoidable.

The last hero stood, tall and proud in triumph and glory.
But now, an explanation or two might be a little mandatory.
The hero, it would seem, was assisted by his fallen allies.
Thanks to an early game action by someone who was wise.

The Dreaming God came back to haunt the villain's schemes.
And so, he was able to reverse the fate for both of the teams.
This is the final secret, and it has now at last been revealed.
This is also be the reason why the villains fates were sealed.

Dear jdthebud,

Luke 2:4-7 said:
So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.
You are the Birthday boy, Jesus Christ, also known as Jesus of Nazareth.
Believed by the Christians to be the Son of God, Jesus came from humble beginnings. He was born to Mary, known by the Christians as the Virgin Mary, as she had conceived Jesus miraculously via the Holy Spirit. She and her husband, Joseph, traveled to Bethlehem, the birthplace of King David, since Joseph's lineage was descended from King David. In Bethlehem, Mary gave birth to Jesus in a stable, as there was no room for them to lodge in during their stay. Christian tradition says that Jesus was born on December 25th. Born a Jew, Jesus grew up with his neighbors thinking that he was crazy. However, whether or not he ever received formal scribal training, Jesus became well versed in the traditional Jewish texts, and would often argue and debate how best to serve God with others, gathering followers in the process. In Mark 6:3, Jesus is referred to as a τέκτων, which, while traditionally translated to carpenter, could mean that he was able to work with any materials. Either way Jesus was a skilled craftsman.
Throughout his lifetime, Jesus fought to bring Jews back to their roots, and strived to make the Holy Temple a less corrupt place, culminating with when he sent the money changers from the courtyard, accusing them of turning the Temple into a den of thieves. Jesus prophesied the coming destruction, stating that the events he described would occur in the lifetime of the listeners. Due to his outspoken attitude, Jesus came into conflict with the Jewish Elders, who had him arrested, eventually turning him over to the Romans. This ultimately culminated with Jesus's crucifixion at the hands of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor. Two days later, Mary Magdalene visited the tomb of Jesus, but found it empty. Believing that Jesus had been Resurrected, his followers started Christianity using his teachings as their guide.
You are known for your many miracles that you performed during your lifetime, including several healing miracles. Due to your miraculous healing hands, you are the Doctor. Each night, you may PM the hosts: Protect <player>. That player will be protected from any night kill that targets them that phase.
You are allied with the Holiday Heroes, and you win when all hostile factions have been eliminated.

I sincerely hope that you all have enjoyed this little game.
From last year, none of the characters were the same.
This is how my tenure as a host ends, but the future looks bright.
A little late, but Happy New Years to all, and to all a goodnight.

The game is now over. Congratulations to the town for a hard fought victory.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of what will, most likely, be the very last game I ever host.
It's a little sad, but it is time for me to move on to bigger and better things, I suppose.

A few final things before we wrap up this present for good.

1. I personally liked the cast of characters I was able to come up with for this year's game. I think they were pretty varied and I managed to not have to repeat any from last year.
2. The Mafia Role Cop was just that, a Role Cop. It revealed the player's role, but not any modifiers attached to said role. So, for example, it would not have given the result of "Insane Cop" for Elementar, nor would it have given the outcome of "Godfather Role Cop" if used on CheffOfGames. The assignment of Bulletproof as a role modifier is slightly controversial, however it fit with what I had in mind for the Hostage Taker. This is why AussieEevee was only revealed as the Serial Killer to Mafia, and not the Bulletproof Serial Killer.
3. The single kill per night was actually caused by a number of factors. a) Doctor protection for one of the kills. b) Mafia targeting the BP Serial Killer. c) Mafia and SK targeting the same person. d) Hostage Taker preventing the Serial Killer's kill.
4. Hostage Taker: What is it, and how does it work? As Zachie's flip revealed, the Hostage Taker chooses another player to take as a hostage for that evening. This has the in-game effect of changing that player's role to "Hostage" for that night. The hostage is unable to perform any night actions, which includes any factional actions assigned to that player. This is why is was able to block a Serial Killer's factional kill, and why it would, theoretically, be able to block a Cult Leader's conversion, because, as far as the game is concerned, for that night, there is no Serial Killer (or Cult Leader), just a hostage. The hostage, meanwhile, also takes all non-killing actions that were directed at the Hostage Taker. The hostage retains their modifiers so, for example, if the Miller were taken hostage, and the Cop checked the Hostage Taker that evening, the Miller Hostage would show up as scum to the Cop. Similarly, the Bulletproof Hostage would remain Bulletproof, and thus unkillable by mafia. It's a brilliant role that is very powerful.
5. Mafia's Time Traveling JOAT: funny thing. They froze Mido's action in place and then lynched Mido the following day phase. Ordinarily, this would have prevented Mido from getting results, but, since TheCapsFan had triggered the dead players vote as of N1, Mido was given her results, despite being dead, since she would have received those results the night she submitted the action. I consulted with both Dylan and Zexy on this one, since the results outed Cheff as a liar, hence why, most of the time, the dead players voted for Cheff.
6. How you goofballs could have believed Cheff's claim for even a moment is beyond me. That's the kind of role Zexy would put in his games. I am not Zexy. I am considerably smarter than Zexy.
7. TheCapsFan's abilities: 7 principles of African Heritage:
1. Umoja (unity) -> only a unanimous vote will cause a lynch the following day.
2. Kujichagulia (self determination) -> shows # of remaining town for rest of the game.
3. Ujima (collective work and responsibility) -> dead Town players get a vote.
4. Ujamaa (cooperative economics) -> enables OC for a single night.
5. Nia (purpose) - 1x Oracle
6. Kuumba (creativity) - chooses the targets for all other players the following night
7. Imani (faith) -> all % based roles will have a favorable outcome the following night

...I think that's it. Thanks for playing, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this game. :)
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