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Honey tree difficulties?


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Aug 17, 2009
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Hey there, anyone ever notice how hard it is to find Munchlax through the honey tree method in D,P,PT? I've put so much honey on so many freaking trees and I've just never seen him! The rarest I've got through that method was a Heracross who I still love to use to this day.

But, anyways, feel free to mention here your honey tree related difficulties of any sort, and if anyone agrees with me on the munchlax thing, I'd love to hear I'm not the only one! :)
Two things happen when I put Honey on a tree:
#1 I forget about it
#2 I come back and it's a Combee.

Much easier to just get a Munchlax through trading.
From what I've read, Munchlax may only be on certain trees. I did honey trees for a while and did manage to get a Heracross, but never saw Munchlax. Perhaps if I had tried other trees I could have gotten one eventually, but it's not really worth it since you can pal park Snorlax or just trade for one.
Yeah, I tried like hell to get one for about a month straight, doing nothing but slathering honey on every tree I saw, but I never found a Munchlax. I just gave up and traded one of my level 1 Pinsirs for it.
Just transfer a Snorlax over from FRLG or HGSS, breed it and forget about the honey trees. :3
i think you can only get munchlax on one particular tree, and even then its only 1% chance, thats on d/p

i think its different on platinum, you may get a munchlax egg from someone, i have a munchlax on plat and i can't remember where it came from o.o
once I slathered honey on a tree when I checked it, it was a munchlax, but at the time I already had both a staravia and an aipom on my team so I had to let it go XD
I was lucky; the very first time I decided to put Honey on the trees, came back the next day, and bam! Munchlax. Apparently only 4 (I think) of your trees can possibly be Munchlaxes; so, I know one of mine is that one above the Mansion.

I got a Heracross in my next attempt.
This has all the info you need to know. You have a 1% chance to find Munchlax, and only on 4 specific trees decided by you ID and SID. If you know your SID, this will help you find your munchlax trees.
I've slathered honey more then 56 times on trees, I only saw the result once, it was a damn male combee.
I spent all my money trying to find an Aipom in my plat run. I found one, but it was modest and had pickup, so I kicked it to the curb since that's literally the opposite of what I want in an Aipom xD I didn't know that resetting would get me a different one, so I saved and kept slathering honey and haven't found one since. :C
THanks for all the great comments everyone! I really appreciate your own personal experiences, there was a lot I didn't know, especially the SID thing.
I know! I never found one, so hard, I need it to get the Pokewatch app in Palpark.
yeah i tried the honey tree thing, never worked for me(nothing)
lost faith on that.
I found a Munchlax in diamond in the Honey Tree to the direct left of the Pokemon Mansion on Route 212. I've found a few Aipoms and one Heracross on the three trees around Floraoma Town/Sth Route 205 and Valley Windworks, but that's it. Does anyone actually get the whole number thing with the "set" stuff?
Tried it like five times.
Decided it was dumb.
Got a Munchlax in the GTS instead.

I think I just give up too fast. lol
Why did you let it go because of this?

well because I really wanted an ambipom and I didn't think at the time about even trying to catch it because I had a normal and part normal already. now that I look back it was not exactly a wise choice. lol
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