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Horizons and its Soundtrack - How do you feel?


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Feb 12, 2024
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  1. He/Him
I just registered for this forum site, and given Anipoke soundtrack is a big interest of mine, I figured I'd make my first post relevant to that. Pokemon Horizons once again has a new composer, that being Conisch, who also composed for Twilight Wings. (He also arranged the 2009 version of High Touch! too.)

What are your thoughts on his music? Do you think it's an improvement to Hayashi and Miyazakis music, or worse? Maybe somewhere in the middle? I'm curious, please leave your thoughts.
Not bad, but I wish there was more variety. They use the same melody for the battles over and over.
I feel that. We only got a handful of game remixes, but still more than last time. I wish they'd use that Tera Raid theme from the promotional trailers too!
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