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How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

on that note, i'm getting a sore throat which is a sure sign i'm developing a cold, but i'll be fine
decent day otherwise
At least that is not an immediate problem, weather is still super hot... But I do get my seasonal allergies colds etc. mostly on spring, but later in fall too :( It will happen eventually...
Filed my US expat taxes (had an extension) finally and then immediately after realized I made a mistake, that will take $200 to correct. So needless to say I'm a bit frustrated at myself for not taking even more time to quadruple check everything lol, sighhh
I'm feeling okay. I do have a medical visit today as part of my workplace, and I'll ask to check my eyesight's quality just in case.
My medical visit went well. My sight has nothing to worry about, and some other stuff are all good. And I just finished eating a healthy meal. So overall, feeling good today n_n
Oddly not tired, even though I have some insomnia due to a far too long nap I took yesterday in the middle of the day. I imagine the tiredness will come crashing down soon though. I just have to resist it when it comes so I can correct my sleep schedule.
A bit more relaxed and OK than past days, there is still something I do not like in my schedule today, but trying to not let it ruin my mood more.
I woke up today feeling much better than previous days. My cough probably won’t go away for a bit but that’s fine as there’s such thing as water
this lunchable looking mighty tasty. But I aint eatin it until around 3 or 4 today
Better than yesterday again, each day I feel a bit less annoyed over what happened, thankfully.
Pretty good besides my cough. I played a pretty fun game of uno with some friends
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