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How did you get into pokemon?

Uber Cutie
well i'm 22 so this goes way back
it started off with being intrested in the anime, back when the anime was just starting out.then my friends and I started collecting the cards and shortly after, got into the pokemon games
i stoped with the cards and anime a long long time ago..misty was still in the series when i dropped it..but i still adore the games for some reason, and have played all the major pokemon games since then. i like having a cute team of pokemon i guess and being a hero!
Kart Master
I had a Gameboy Color when I was about 5 yrs. old. I played Blue, Red, Yellow, and Crystal in it. Then, about 3-4 years ago I saw a strategy guide for Pokemon Emerald in a magazine. I bought the game. Everything went snowball afterwards. I played Diamond, Black, and recently, White 2. However, I must admit, back in the days with Emerald, I never knew about the importance of natures and EV training. I jst played for fun and reached Elite 4 using Sceptile and Swellow.
In Love With Snowmen
I was six, and they were distributing Scholastic book catalogs at school. I saw the pokemon books and thought they were pretty cool, so I got one.
And now I love pokemon.
Mystery in another region
I was four when I first got into the series thanks to my interest in the anime. I have since stopped to watch it, but when I got back into it, at ten and thirteen years old, it was thanks to the games and I haven't stopped playing them.
New Member
I wasn't a Pokemon fan (in fact I didn't even know what Pokemon was until) my brother showed me Pokemon Diamond. I then became a fan.
I originally got into Pokemon in 1999, when the anime started airing here. Then I bought the games since all the "cool" kids were playing them etc. Yeah, that was a long time ago.
I wont say how old I was when I first got Pokemon; I don't want to give away how old I am. I had recently taken my Step 2 piano exam and my mum said I could get something for doing well. I was given the choice between a Waffle Maker or Pokemon Black. I chose Black. I LOVED it. And thinking about it, if I chose the Waffle Maker, I probably wouldn't know anything about Pokemon. That's scary. So far own the games, Black, White 2, Platinum and Fire-Red.
New Member
Someone was telling me to watch the anime (I forget who) but it took my second cousin visiting and showing me where and when it went for me to actually see it.
Then someone else (I think it was my other cousin) gave me a Machop card...I got a GBC and Pokèmon Red for my Birthday not long after (I asked for Yellow but they were sold out.)
In 1st grade this girl asked me if I knew what pokemon was. I said not really, but I watched it with my cousin before. It was 2002, so it was reeeaaaallly popular. I got hooked, and this is where I am today.
New Member
My mom bought me the crystal version when i was 9. That's what started my love for Pokemon.I remember the first time i tried to save and it said "don't turn off the power", so i left the power on for hours, lol
It was 7 days before my 18th birthday. My Church group was taking a Trip to Disney World.
On the way home, I saw one of the Kids playing their Game Boy.
When I took a Look at the Screen to see what everyone was so interested in,
even though I had never seen the game nor the Anime prior to that moment,
I instantly recognized Pokemon as something I use to dream about.
It was like seeing for the first time a Friend that I had known for years.

Needless to say, I knew what I wanted for my Birthday. The rest is history.