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How do you think they'll release the unreleased HAs?

It's impossible to legitimately obtain an HA Arorus, Tyrunt or Skrelp right now, as those Pokemon aren't found in any Friend Safari or Horde (which are the only ways you can get HA mons in X and Y). How do you think GameFreak will release them?

Somehow, I can't see them being Event releases. Maybe the fossils, but not Skrelp. I fear we may have to wait for Pokemon Z, which'll have new areas or something, to be able to get the unreleased HAs.
Movie Star
I see them waiting until Z tbh, Im just not seeing them patch anything like the Friend Safari. I think the only other way will be events
Bringing the Thunder
Tyrunt, Amaura, and Skrelp will probably be distributed in Z. There's also the 2nd and 5th gen starters which are still unavailable, I'm guessing we'll get those through events.