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how has the pokemon fandom done your faves?


#1 faba hater
Jan 11, 2022
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there's been this post going around on tumblr recently about the worst fanon takes you've seen for a character, and since 1 i like ranting about things and hearing people rant about things and 2 i am slightly curious about how the pokemon fandom is on the twitter side of things, i'd like to bring that question to here! how have your favorite characters been treated by the fandom? have people completely screwed them up, or are the takes surprisingly not bad? do people even talk about them? here's my thoughts on how a couple of my faves have been treated

-ok putting my. admittedly fucking batshit view of lillie aside i swear i always see her made out to be like, "the responsible one" or something and like.. come on. she has SO MUCH weirdgirl swag i think and also after her entire arc and like an entire game of seeing her how the hell do you think THAT'S the best option for her character WHY would you reduce her to something so boring

-that said. gladion got it so much worse dudeee. for the love of god just let him be genuinely angry without constantly emphasizing "oh but he's soft deep down uwu" like maybe it's just me but. fandoms cannot get "edgy" characters right dude holy shit. i swear characters don't have to give up any sharp edges persay to be happy you people are just too obsessed with your soft uwu found family gays or whatever to let characters just.. not be that. or maybe that's just the tumblr side of things. hell if i know.


I’m doin fine?
May 13, 2022
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Iris - people hate her a lot for calling ash a kid? I mean she aint wrong but why does almost so many people hate her so flipping much?!?! To me she’s just funny and rude at the same time like myself in reality.


Mar 24, 2010
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(I greatly dislike Iris but that's because she annoys me and reminds me of kids I knew in school and for the most part anything that reminds me of that time period in my life I am going to hate it excessively. Plus both her designs upset me greatly. Especially her hair. Her hair is too big. Big hair is horrible why gods no how does her hair exist that big she totally just has a giant balloon in there with her hair glued around it or something to get that shape.)

My favorites tend to be male characters so.

I literally cannot look up fanart of them since I am not into guyXguy pairings (or really any art of a pairing that's not just friends/cute fluff since I'm ace).

Me: I think I'll look up [CHARACTER] on tumblr.


Me: oh, right that's why I don't look for fanart anymore. Ha ha.

Epic Spheal

Sep 20, 2020
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I really dislike it when the fandom mixes up Blue/Gary and Gary. I actually like Gary a lot (he's one of my favorite anime characters) but he's essentially a different character from game!Blue (same with Pokespe!Blue). But people tend to mix game!Blue and Gary a lot starting just from the name to overexaggerating how mean Blue is to the player (Gary was far pettier and a lot of Blue's dialogue does contain actual helpful information instead of just pure snark).

And of course the whole 5 minutes champion thing. Like I get it's a joke but realistically for him to have become champion, it make at news for Oak to travel (since fast travel only exist as player convenience and not real world transportation) and for Red/Leaf to get the surprise it would've been at least a 24 hour period before he was dethroned (no more than a week thought).
Friendly notice


remarkably unremarkable
Jun 8, 2019
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Hey everyone,

Just a gentle, preemptive reminder to please stay mindful of others when posting in this thread!
While everyone is welcome to express how they feel about the reception of their favorite characters, remember that this is subjective and everyone is entitled to their own interpretations as well. We're all fans here, so going forward please continue to keep things chill! ^^