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How is it with education in the Pokémon world?


Mar 12, 2022
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What is it like with science in the Pokémon world after all. Is it mandatory or not?

Let's summarize the facts:
1. Satoshi, Haruka, Hikari do not go to school (although they are at the age when they should be attending it).

2. Koharu normally attends school and doesn't seem to be able to quit.

3. In another episode, it is revealed that Gou is also enrolled in the school, but is rarely seen there.
Really, no one is picking on him that he misses school a lot?

My theory is that maybe school is only compulsory until the age of 10, and then the kid has the option to choose which he wants to follow
If he chooses the Pokémon trainer career, he may quit school. And if for some reason he doesn't want to or can't become a Pokémon trainer, he can still learn (although that doesn't explain the situation with Gou).
What do you think?


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Sep 10, 2019
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  1. She/Her
I think it's a little similar to that.

Really it's a bit similar to how sports work in America. If you're good enough, you basically skip college, or go to it for one year, and then join a pro team with only a high school education.

In Japan, high school isn't compulsory, so there are high school-age kids who simply don't attend, and pursue other career paths. Truancy is also a problem in the Japanese schooling system as well. So, considering how there are some mature-ish teenagers in leadership roles (the trial captains, some gym leaders), I think that something a bit similar to this may occur--but it likely depends by region.

Unova, mirroring America, likely has compulsory high schooling, which leads to the higher age of the protagonists and similar darkness of the story.
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