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How well do you know the user above?

5/10, I know a few things about you and that we have some things in common, but not just a whole lot
5/10, you seem like a pretty cool dude, anyone who likes Lucario and Lycanroc is cool in my book. Also I recently learned you like The Legend Of Zelda, or I may have heard that from you already. Either way, still awesome! I'm a huge Legend Of Zelda guy myself.
4/10 - not too well I'm afraid to say, but I think I can guess their favourite 'Mon!
4/10 as well, I can tell that you’re an admin and you probably like to write, both of which are very cool. You also steal things for twitter, but you’re polite enough to ask first in your profile.
1/10, you've only been here for about a week and I haven't been just super active
6.5/10 we've already become friends which is super awesome!!! I know that we do have a lot in common like baking and reading manga, etcetc! lookin' forwards to doing fun stuff here with you!

As for Chevy, I do know you pretty well! You like Zelda, FNAF, NASCARzoom, don't know what anime is (kidding!), are around my ageish, homeschool fun,, etc etc.

Oh, and your social security number is647788926374468347874683637647467829286346928366464549836363269737. Probably.
What could I say about him that I haven't said before? He is so spontaneous that it would be impossible not to know him even if you tried ;).
I recently learned you like Dragon Ball, that's awesome! An unpopular opinion I happen to have about it is that GT (in its latter half) was better than Super. No one can change my mind about that. (The Broly movie wasn't too bad, though.)

You have been posting quite frequently for a newer person, so I've gleaned small bits of information here and there, but not enough to have much of a concrete picture.
I only just realized what's being measured on a scale of one to ten here. You have my permission to point and laugh to your heart's content.


This is the first time I've ever seen you.
I know him very well, if we talk about the forum context. But of course, he might still surprise me with something about him that I don't know yet :LOL:.
3/10, but I guess the number will increase soon, as you seem to be quite open about yourself.
hm like 3/10, I know you like south park and peanuts?
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