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How well do you know the user above?

Being new here, I hate to admit I don't know you that well so a 1/10, hopefully that will improve
4/10, I don't know you very well but from what I have seen, you remind me of scientists. You seem to be very scholarly, though that just might be your (very cool) profile picture influencing my answer.
I get to know her a little more each day, she is a very friendly user and a great addition to the Game Corner. And from what I've seen on her profile, we have some aesthetic tastes in common :giggle:.
A very nice user, from what I've seen in her avatars we share several favorite characters in Pokémon. Just to give an example, I also love Whitney, Kukui and Burnet ;).

You're one of the first faces (so to speak) I remember seeing when I first joined the forums. Though I still suspect there's more I don't yet know about you, I still recognize you wherever I see you and have plenty of respect for you based on what I know rather than what I don't.
Here comes another copy.I can't talk about best friends on the forum without mentioning Sky :giggle:.
Breaking the chain of copying here. I feel I know more about EPFG than I do most other users on the forum due to how open and outgoing she is, but I'm not inclined to claim I know everything.
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