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How well do you know the user above?

2/10. I've seen a post on the forums from you (other than the one here) exactly once.

Tbh, all I really know about you is being the Charizard fan. Though I think I also got your personality down a bit too.
Maybe like 2/10? I have seen you around of course!!
maybe 7.5/10 — I definitely don't know everything about him, but I do know they're very nice and a greatly talented artist (and the resident Fire Emblem fan around here too) :enzap:

I see you pop up a fair bit here and there, but I don't really feel like I clear sense of you yet.
7/10 Your posts are everywhere and I've seen your personality even before I made an account.
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Essentially just the basics, haha
You're a new user, but I really hope we see more of you around here, meeting new people is always great :).
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