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How well do you know the user above?

6/10 - from your posts I think I've gotten somewhat of a read on your personality/interests, but I can't say I know you too well individually. Though you do seem like a very friendly person. ^^
A very kind and polite user, always a pleasure to see him on the forum. If you don't know him you probably will very soon :giggle:.
1/10, they just joined a few hours ago. It's nice to meet you!
5/10, I suppose. I see you around a lot, but not enough to get a personality gauge.
4/10, I've seen you around but I don't think we've talked but I've gotten a feel for your character!! Maybe we can chat sooooon?
0/10 who are you
I kid. I would like to say a tentative 10/10. It feels strange we only met a few months ago!

Seen you around, but don't think we interacted much if at all, lol. Definitely recognize your name, though
4/10 Kinda the same reasons as you.
You did comment on my hello project this is not scratch post.

Hey you posted at 11:11 nice
2/10 I'm sorry to say, I don't really know you that well at all. :confused_emoji: I hope I get to know you better though in the future! :)
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