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How would Bulbasaur perform in other regions?


May 4, 2022
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Imagine, hypothetically speaking, if Bulbasaur were to be your starter for every region. What would its performance be in every region?

For example, how would it perform in Johto and how would it compare to Chikorita in that regard? How would it perform in Hoenn and how would it compare to Treecko in that region? And so far and so forth. This goes for all regions, of course.

If the Bulbasaur family were to be the grass starter hypothetically for all regions, what differences may they have from all the other regions' actual grass starters respectively in terms of important matchups such as general trainer battles, gym battles and E4?

Keep in mind that Kanto is the only region I've actually legitimately played mainline games of. How I know pokemon from later regions is by other means such as the anime, the Mystery Dungeon games and other things. I'll also be doing threads for Charmander and Squirtle respectively, and how they also may perform in other regions.


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Jun 30, 2020
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There's a couple of types that Bulbasaur acutely struggles against in a way that the others don't due to the weaknesses of Grass as an offensive type, but the line is ridiculously versatile when it comes to status moves, recovery and set-up options while having a balanced stat spread that enables just about every approach you might want to take. Venusaur might not be able to single-handedly spearhead a team in the way that Charizard can (especially against popular late-game types such as Steel and Fire) but there's a reason it's been a strong contender in competitive play for decades.


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May 13, 2022
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(how I determine the score is by seeing how many gyms they are super-effective offensively)

Kanto - 4/8
Johto - 0/8
Hoenn - 2/8
Sinnoh - 2/8
Unova- 1/8
Kalos - 2/8
Alola - 2/8 (totem Pokémon) 2/4 (kahunas)
Galar - 2/8 (sword) 2/8 (shield)
ELITE 4 (aka Pokémon league, champeon cup)
Kanto - 0/4
Johto - 0/4
Hoenn - 0/4
Sinnoh - 1/4
Unova - 0/4
Kalos - 1/4
Alola - 1/4
Galar - 1/3 (not including Bede but it would be 2/4 if I did)


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Nov 26, 2013
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Bulbasaur also has a poison-type as well, so it only takes neutral damage against Bug and Poison (though it also downgrades ground resistance into a neutrality). From what I've looked in my casual surfing in Smogon, it seems like it can help either toxic stall or sabotage with sleep powder or other status moves with its relatively high defense as long as it doesn't face anything supereffective against it. At least it seems more solid compared to the Chikorita line in Johto.
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