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How would Charmander perform in other regions?


May 4, 2022
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Imagine, hypothetically speaking, if Charmander were to be your starter for every region. What would its performance be in every region?

For example, how would it perform in Johto and how would it compare to Cyndaquil in that regard? How would it perform in Hoenn and how would it compare to Torchic in that region? And so far and so forth. This goes for all regions, of course.

If the Charmander family were to be the fire starter hypothetically for all regions, what differences may they have from all the other regions' actual fire starters respectively in terms of important matchups such as general trainer battles, gym battles and E4?

This is a small ongoing series of discussions for how the Kanto starters may do in other regions, Squirtle is the last one to get its thread for this too.


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Jun 30, 2020
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Probably very well - there's a bit of a meme that Charmander is a bad pick in Kanto on account of some bad early matchups, but the reality is that Fire/Flying is a very potent offensive typing and Charizard has the Speed, power and movepool to make use of it. It's somewhat one-dimensional (it's hard to imagine profitably running a Roost/Wisp or Swords Dance set) but it's a classic team-carrying powerhouse.


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Nov 26, 2013
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Regarding Kanto, Charmander is only really bad with Misty, I think, and that's not only due to Misty being more special-oriented, but also due to Misty being one of the stronger second boss (I had both Bulbasaur and Pikachu, and even that wasn't entirely one-sided) and that there aren't very many grass or electric types in general until that point. It's not too bad with Brock due to his low Special Defense, and Charmander learning Metal Claw in the remakes.

I'd like to see how Charizard is compared to Feraligatr. Is it just as game-breaking in Johto?


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May 13, 2022
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(how I determine the score is by seeing how many gyms they are super-effective offensively)

Kanto - 1/8
Johto - 3/8
Hoenn - 0/8
Sinnoh - 3/8
Unova- 2/8
Kalos - 3/8
Alola - 1/8 (totem Pokémon) 0/4 (kahunas)
Galar - 1/8 (sword) 2/8 (shield)
ELITE 4 (aka Pokémon league, champeon cup)
Kanto - 1/4
Johto - 0/4
Hoenn - 1/4
Sinnoh - 1/4
Unova - 0/4
Kalos - 1/4
Alola - 0/4 (in sun and moon) 1/4 (in ultra sun, and ultra moon)
Galar - 0/3 (not including Bede but it would stay the same if I did)