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How would you compare and change new 8 gen pokemon with old ones that have exact the same typing?

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Jun 26, 2015
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I guess, but I don't see why them both being turtles is something worth being concerned about. We also have plenty of Rock/Water-types that aren't turtles, and we have many turtles that aren't Water- or Rock-types. A pair of Pokémon from a pool of 900 being somewhat aesthetically similar (it should be noted that they are clearly still based on different kinds of turtles - Carracosta being an extinct kind of sea turtle, against Drednaw which is a more land-adapted snapping turtle) is a pretty minuscule redundancy, especially since their aesthetics don't necessarily mean they will function similarly in battle (or if that will even be relevant, since Carracosta might not be in these games).
yes but the fast that we have turtles:

- fire (Torcoal)

-2x water/rock(Tortuga line and Drednaw)
-pure water(Blastoise line)

(Torterra family)
-2pure grass

Weird that there are no other typed... Drednaw would be a cool water/dragon, water/steel type actually.
Water/ground would also be nice. Maybe rock because of poison and flying types?
Or G-max Drednaw could get that type change actually if it's still possible.

Shuckle is a slime in shell bug/rock pokemon for those who don't know what slime with a house is.
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