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How would you Fix all the problems with Journeys?


8/18: Never forget what they took away from us
Mar 14, 2021
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After JN: Give all of Ashs old Pokémon love and have him defend his title by having him battle E4 and champions he’s never battled, that’s how the PWC should have been.
I call it: Pokemon: Champions League


#1 faba hater
Jan 11, 2022
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ok so there's two options here. realistically, i'd say just kind of throw it out, let ash go through galar and gou can be the protag for a hypothetical legends anime. however, in an also-hypothetical limbo where showcasing new gens doesn't fall on journeys, here's what i'd do:
  • just straight up do not have it happen in any mainseries region. just make it some not-quite-in-any-of-them region, how does that work i'm not exactly sure but probably in like the middle of nowhere or smth

  • let the gang visit regions from spinoffs!! for fucks sake you're not showing off "the whole pokemon world" if you're excluding places like orre or almia or hell, even lental. also i think holon which is particularly obscure could actually work really well with gou's goal of catching mew but that's a ramble for another time
  • actually let them visit movie locations also. pleaseee tpc Come On

  • have koharu integrate into the main cast quicker instead of waiting like 50 fuckin episodes

  • anyway as for project mew. okay yeah i'm gonna admit i stopped watching journeys by the time it showed up but i'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and second the idea of it coming into play earlier

Epic Spheal

Sep 20, 2020
Reaction score
I think my number one thing would be to make it Galar focus. Have the Cerise Institute in Galar

Project Mew would've been introduced earlier and have the episodes where Goh loses (the Sea Mauville and Articuno episodes) spread further apart rather than having them at the end to try to make it look like a struggle.

I would honestly scrap the PWC as is and just have Ash go through one more gym challenge. The Galar gym leaders are supposed to be far stronger than leaders in other regions anyways so for me, Ash just doing the Galar gym challenge would be fine. The PWC would return as like Orange Island/Battle Frontier arc, an arc that shows how far Ash has come along but shorter so that instead of getting random COTD we get Elite 4, rivals he never beat, and other champions.

Ghost Diplocaulus

Detroit SMAAAASH! Eevee style.
Sep 22, 2020
Reaction score
I don't think the general premise needs to be alteres since like other people have already said, it could have easily worked and certainly had a lot of potential. But I would make a few adjustments to try and polish it a little bit more:

  1. First and foremost, I’d place the base of operations in Galar rather than Kanto. This way we’d see Gen 8 Pokemon more frequently even if only on background cameos. We’d also see Sonia and Professor Magnolia more often, and the Cerise family can be assistants there.
  2. Because of the above, I’d make Yamper Sonia’s Pokemon like in the games. Not only would it remove the sting of Chloe never officially catching him, but it’d make his status as the “big brother” of the Lab Pokemon way more believable, since in this scenario he’d technically be a retired battler with certain wisdom and experience.
  3. I’d distribute the Galar Starters between Ash, Goh, and Chloe. I’ve been extremely firm on the opinion of one starter per main character ever since Goh caught Grookey, and my feelings are no different now, so here I am repeating it. In my personal opinion, Ash should’ve gotten Grookey and Chloe should’ve gotten Sobble. I just think their respective personalities fit those two best, and I think Sobble could actually act as a neat complement to Chloe’s Eevee in that both would represent the two different aspects of her development: Sobble representing her growing confidence, which would be paralleled by its gradual evolution into Inteleon; and Eevee still representing the many different paths Chloe could take in her journey as a trainer. Grookey under Ash ensures that there’s at least one Galar starter doing the cool battling action that, let’s face it, is what attracts a very large portion of the audience, and its goofy personality could make it a neat foil to Riolu. Finally, Goh keeps Cinderace because it’s his first partner and the Galar starter that fared with him the best. He would need a replacement shouldermon I guess, and for that I’d nominate Turtwig for the sake BDSP/LA promotion. Why Turtwig? Because Dawn already has Piplup and Chimchar being another Fire-type would make it redundant with Cinderace.
  4. Related to the above, Chloe would be officially promoted to main character as soon as she got her first Pokemon (regardless of if it’s Eevee or Sobble) and would accompany the boys in their travels. This would not only serve to fix or at the very least reduce the issue of female characters having their importance diminished, but it’d actually be really helpful for Chloe’s own growth, seeing how the entire point of her character is that she’s searching for her own path in life. Seeing her subtly developing onscreen even while she’s watching Goh and Ash do their thing would do wonders for her character. I don’t think I’d have her catch any more Pokemon besides Sobble and Eevee, though, since it’s unlikely there’d be enough time to develop more Pokemon, but that’s fine. She doesn’t need more than two.
  5. Still related to the Galar Starters thing, I’d have Ash’s team revamped so that it contains more Pokemon from Galar than any other region. Lucario, Sirfetch’d and Dracovish all stay, as the former is the designated Mega Evolution user and it’s a capture that I’ve wanted Ash to have for years while the latter two are Galarian mons and honestly quite unique and fun. As I said above, I’d give Ash a Grookey that’d evolve all the way into Rillaboom and take Gengar’s place as the Gigantamax user of Ash’s team. Lastly, I’d give Ash a Hisuian Braviary to promote Legends Arceus, which would be caught in the eponymous specials, which would now be canon to the series and involve the heroes actually travelling back in time. Dawn would also evolve her Quilava into Hisuian Typhlosion during said specials.
  6. I’d have both Hop and Bede appear as PWC challengers. Hop would be the last trainer Normal Class trainer Ash would face (Korrina is instead moved to being his first Super Class battle) while Bede would stick around a bit longer (maybe make him one of the trainers responsible for Ash dropping back to the Normal Class, motivating Ash to rematch him to get back up) and be involved in the Darkest Day plot. Bede would eventually drop out of the PWC altogether to focus on becoming Opal’s successor.
  7. And speaking of the PWC, Ash would use reserve Pokemon more often and alternate between reserves (which he’d use against experienced opponents) and his new team (which he’d use against the random one-shots as well as new characters like Hop and Bede) until the latter are ready to properly take on the challenge on their own. I’d also make it so that once Ash leaves the Normal Class, all battles from then on are 3v3 at minimum.
That's all I can think of for now.


Sep 28, 2019
Reaction score
Skip Koharu and use the female protagonist of the games again. I don't care about an original character who barely shows up. Give her a battle oriented goal.

Iris should have either been a main character again or a rival. Her inclusion in the Masters 8 feels so sudden after she has been gone for so long and she didn't even get cameos in XY and SM.

Don't retcon Amourshipping and Ash-Greninja. Serena and Ash should have received their own episode and given us some closure if he didn't accept her feelings. Serena needs more than three Pokémon! And contests with battles.

Skip Go or write him differently. Have him plan which Pokemon to catch and center an episode around that instead. Like which ball he should use, which location the Pokémon is found in etc. Have him only catch Pokemon that will help him defeat and catch Mew instead of just catching any random Pokemon he sees. Have Mew show up occasionally to test his skills.

What is the point of Paul returning if he is not in Masters 8? Why wasn't he in the Infernape episode?

Skip the Amazon specials and have an arc in the actual Hisui instead.

Have Bede appear as a rival. I think the Galarian Ponyta episode would have been more interesting if we swapped Koharu with Bede since it would give him character development and make him kinder.

Not the biggest Hop fan but it's weird to exclude him when they promote Leon so much.

Cynthia is the final opponent instead of Leon. Give us some closure for Tobias as well.

If we keep Koharu skip the Eevee stuff and have her meets more companions instead. Misty is in Kanto why not use her? Missed opportunity to showcase old companions more. Koharu also needs a goal and more than one Pokémon. Have Eevee evolve into a new evolution from SV otherwise instead of promoting old games like Let's Go.

Let Ash fight all of the champions without the weird tournament thing? Maybe he could have won M8 and then sought out the champions to prove himself. Then he could have battled Tobias, Paul and Alain and the champions after that.
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