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howdy hey!


the plushie you forgot under the bed
Nov 29, 2023
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hi all! i'm Ruby (but you can call me pretty much whatever), nice to meet you! i'm a plural autistic polyamorous transfeminine otherkin, meaning that i spend my life multi-track drifting as many additions to my identity as possible. i joined this forum because i love Pokémon and miss the days of being ten years old on GameFAQs. i love writing in pretty much every form, be it roleplay or fanfiction or the off-times i actually do something original, playing the same games over and over and over, and making new friends! my favorite franchises are Pokémon (duh), Spider-Man, Fallout, and Homestuck. my Discord and my pronouns are in my signature, feel free to reach out! :)
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