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How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

Annoyingly hot and humid like this entire f*cking summer
Cloudy and with occasional trinkles of rain. I vastly prefer this over having spent this summer suffocating in heat.
Clear and sunny as far as the eye can see, really wish it was raining right now :/
GIven the humidity level at this time, way too hot and muggy. Give me back the dry heat!
It cooled down a lot since Monday, now it's lingering around the 70°F range (21-26°C) again which isn't nearly as bad. Still wish it was colder though...
i'm spending my days cooped up with 18*C as room temperature. Classic summer.
After spending the weekend at the beach, it's nice to be back home where the weather isn't too hot and the humidity not in town.
It's been raining for a few days straight, god my cacti are gonna die due to this
The heat has toned down a bit, it is almost pleasant :) Still extremely humid though :(
it's still unlikabley hot over here
We actually have some rain these days, it has cooled down considerably... Any kind of precipitation can be annoying, but the lower temperature at last is pleasant :)
I always think the day will be cool for some reason as the weekend has been a little cool. Though for some reason, that has tricked my brain into thinking that all of the coming days will be cool in pleasant when they will actually be warm. I’m definitely going outside more at night when it’s cooler so that might be affecting my perception.
Full of dark clouds, we are probably getting a storm again soon.
At the moment it's sunny, 93°F (34°C) and feels like 100°F (38°C). There's a heat advisory and everything. Some fall weather sure would be nice right about now...
It did rain a bit, sky is clear again now. But temperature is still better, and it is super humid.
I want the rain to come back, the sun is killing us
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