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How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

Rain, yet also none. Looking pretty dark out there though.
It is barely raining, just very little sprinkles that stop for half an hour then may start again and so on...
It's way too hot right now. I mean, it's barely felt like summer throughout most of July and August and only now as school's started again we get a heatwave.
Rain stopped and sky is clear again.
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Bit warm but meh, something that I can handle.
No clouds at all, temperature is just OK for fall season.
Intermittent thunderstorms and flash flooding today, it seems. The temperature isn't so bad anymore; only 74°F (23°C), but it's still higher than I'd like for this time of year.
It is starting to heat up a bit again, late summer after the storm again vibes :(
weird. it was decent earlier this morning but then it just started pouring buckets for tennish minutes and then it just suddenly stopped and it seems like the clouds are parting
mother nature has been really fickle in indiana these past few days
Very rainy this week so far. There's been thunderstorms pretty much every day since Saturday, and there's still a chance I might be in the path of the upcoming hurricane. The sun is out right now though at least. :hmm:
very “wear a sweater in the morning to regret it later”, although it is cooling down
this was the only day of the week where it didn't rain
Its getting colder in the mornings and the days are getting shorter... Fall is arriving
Over here, it doesn’t really feel like fall’s arriving. Weather’s still survivable though from a positive perspective
We are back to full blown September summer :(
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