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How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

It's been a wet week, which I'm extremely grateful for. We've had a drought for the longest time. The temperatures also went down. The highs are in the upper 80s/low 90s deg F for the next several days. That might sound hot, but it's good for where I live this time of year.
Today it's 63°F (17°F) — cold, clear and breezy. Which means... it must finally be fall! WOOT!!!

...Or, at least, it should be, as long as it stays that way and doesn't get hot and sunny again later in the week.
feels like spring, sunny and 70 degrees
Temperature has toned down a bit, still no cloud in sight
it's raining... again. i think it's rained every day for a week straight. maybe even longer.
Oh shoot, I was going to say how glad I was it was only around 95 deg. F where I live...

Uhh, anyway. Fall approaches slowly. Forecast says its supposed to rain and get a bit cooler next week, so hopefully that pans out. At any rate, it doesn't look like the weather will return to blast-furnace mode until next summer, so hurray for that!
it's gonna rain all weekend
After several days of annoying summer heat, we have a thunderstorm now, lol. There were not even any major clouds till yesterday...
we're still under a flood warning even though it's not raining
The storm has passed, but there are some clouds still.
not raining anymore, it feels like spring
the weather over here is very weird... for the past week now it rains for like, half an hour every day, but the rest of the day is either 40~ degrees (fahrenheit) or 80+
Heavy clouds, it may drop just a little bit of rain for a few minutes then stop then start again
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