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beers, vodka, and hours for conversation. The barman let my tried a several japanese whisky and show the my alcohol this those was brewing originate scratch, unfortunately none for it were ready of consumption. Our make, upon first, polite discussion taking himself around shinjuku, japanese alive, and then, to myself will taking basically anytime conversation, myself turn it to music. I friend tell himself around why are myself come, and this the start ball rolling. The barman translated the to owner, apparently mere months before that beautiful italian girl having enter the of very same reason. That kindred spirit.
I attempted to click on that link at least five times, you got me good.

This might actually become a serious blog around the end of the month ha.
29th april found my diary

today was a good day.

birds haven't hatched yet.
Entry for May 26nd

Found diary.
Had a curry for dinner.
Weather is fair,
It's finally happened.
Brother came over today, he found a kalimba.
[serious post alert]

If I'm very very lucky I'm going back to Tokyo this year. Chances are it'll be postponed. Anyway, the plan is leave in late November for around 9-10 days. Some of those says are write offs due to long travel time from EDI > AMS > NAR. Flight back, this time I'm thinking NAR > AMS, then having a day or two in Amsterdam to cap off the trip. I done the same journey last year, but without the break in Amsterdam. I could have had a few hours in Amsterdam, but it's a city I want to properly see.

The air price is like £670 altogether, since it's all the same ticket, and all the same company, KLM. If I spend roughly the same amount on hotels, that's 1.2k before I land, and then roughly another 1K for spending. Probably won't spend that much though, I think I took around £600 of yen with me, and then dipped in for another £200. Buying CDs/Vinyl is so expensive. Gonna have to go to 2nd hand stores next time, because I spent a tonne of money like that.

Also gonna get a new suitcase this time, to bring back a whole bunch of alcohol and the like. I spent a lot on KitKats last year as well, I can definitely score a few flavours off my list.

This is just a ramble now.

When I'm in Japan, I spend money like it's Monopoly bucks. It's so easy to piss away a grand in a week. But I don't regret any purchase.
In Amsterdam, there's a few things I want to do or see;

Oude Kerk - Old architecture, very scenic place
Van Gogh Museum - Have to book tickets in advance. So, it's a maybe.
Anne Frank Museum - Again, it's so popular you need to book in advance.
Have some national food, like their herring sandwiches. I hate going to another country and defaulting to McDonalds and KFC.
Der Wallen - Red light district. If there's a city for [REDACTED], then it's Amsterdam.
Smoke weed everyday

Basically, take in the local culture whilst living like such a fucking tourist.

In Japan, which is the entree of the trip, I'd be once again staying in Shinjuku. Love that place so much, this would be my third time.

The list;

Liumin - Tiny bar in Golden Gai, it's become my local pub.
Shinjuku Pit Inn - Live jazz gig. Saw Toshiyuki Honda last year, that was a really good show.

Shinjuku National Garden - Somehow never found the time for it last year.
Bookoff - 2nd hand books/music etc. Buy some weird stuff
Yakitori Alley - Again, just never found the time for it.
Dug Jazz bar - Man, I had the most amazing salmon bagel there. Spent like two hours there, just relaxing. Fantastic atmosphere.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. - Sky high views of the city for free. Fantastic sights. Been at day and night.

Akihabara - It's basically anime geek heaven. I don't care about anime, but I do want to go around and see what's going on.
Shibuya - Would be a third time I've been. It's a maybe,
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