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Hyoma's Stats

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by Hyoma, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hyoma

    Hyoma Super Nerd

    Blog Posts:
    May 12, 2010
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    Name: Hyoma
    Cash: $13,500
    Contest Credits: $5,500
    Win/Loss/Draw: 12/28/0
    Position: Trainer
    Items: [​IMG]Bright Powder [​IMG][​IMG] Light Clay X 2, [​IMG] Mind Plate, [​IMG] Dread Plate, [​IMG] Heart Scale
    Badges: None
    Matches in Progress:
    Shou vs. Yumega's Skorupi Spike
    shou vs. pikapkia's Metapod

    $3000 Money that came with Shou
    -$2500 Cost to dig up Bright Powder
    $500 Loss to ChainReaction01's Starly Broadblade
    $500 Loss to Rage Baron's Togepi Nova
    $500 Loss to Minuara's Rattata Ratty
    $500 Loss to Trilobyte's Skurupi Cartilage
    -$2500 Cost to dig up Light Clay
    $500 Loss to Rage Baron's Togepi Nova a second time
    $500 Loss to Zeferin's Gabite Ketu
    $500 Loss to Wergugy's Zubat Batty
    $500 Loss to Banditos's Rhyhorn Lagann
    $500 Loss to Natorei's Quilava Ray
    $500 Loss to ChainReaction01's Beldum Meta
    $1000 Win against PMan's Abra
    $500 Loss to Katsuya's Monferno Akio
    $500 Loss to Neonsands's Prinplup
    -$2500 Cost to dig up Light Clay
    $1000 Win against Nirvash's Sneasel
    $1000 Win against Laevatein's Riolu Musashi
    $500 Loss to Dust's Infernape & Ghaskan's Swinub with the help of Kaiser Hosikawa's Lucario
    $500 Loss to Mubz's Metang
    $4500 Money for 10th place in May Forum Festival
    $500 Loss to Omniplex's Gyarados Fury
    $1000 Win against Alaska Pigeon's Taillow Tobias
    $500 Loss to Legendary Master's Flygon
    $500 Loss to Black Cat 320's Luxray Ace
    $1000 4th place in a Cute contest
    -$2500 Cost to dig up Mind Plate
    $1000 Win against Dust's Sableye
    $500 Loss to Synthesys's Camerupt
    $500 Loss to Ant Medin's Scizor Shear
    $1000 4th place in a Tough contest
    $500 Loss to Zolar's Typhlosion Burn-Out
    $500 Loss to Fudo's Skuntank
    $1000 win against Xeniaph's Swablu Namida
    -$2500 Cost to dig up Heart Scale
    $500 Loss to Shinji Hirako's Magmortar
    $500 Loss to GliscorMan's Magby
    $500 Loss to Charizardman's Charmander
    $500 Loss to Chromas's Beldum Psy
    -$2500 Cost to dig up Dread Plate
    $1000 Win against Badvinvin's Chimchar
    $1000 Win against Kayumi's Togekiss Misty
    $1000 Win against Mubz's Bagon
    $500 Loss to GliscorMan's Gliscor
    $2500 Price of selling Star Piece - cost of digging it up
    $1000 Win against Kai-Mei's Togekiss
    $1000 4th place in Cute contest
    $1000 4th place in Cool contest
    $1000 Win against Pikapika86's Metapod
    $500 Loss to Yumega's Skorupi Spike
    #1 Hyoma, May 12, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2010
  2. Hyoma

    Hyoma Super Nerd

    Blog Posts:
    May 12, 2010
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    #015 Beedrill
    Type: Bug & Poison
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Swarm
    Moves: Agility, Assurance, Bug Bite, Endeavor, Focus Energy , Fury Attack, Harden, Pin Missile, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Pursuit , Rage, String Shot, Toxic Spikes, Twin Needle.
    TM Moves: Protect.

    Win/Loss/Draw: 12/28/0

    Match History:
    as Weedle
    vs. ChainReaction01's Starly Broadblade: Loss
    vs. Rage Baron's Togepi Nova: Loss X 2
    vs. Mubz's Wartortle: Loss, OHKO
    vs. Minuara's Rattata Ratty: Loss
    vs. Trilobyte's Skorupi Cartilage: Loss
    vs. Zeferin's Gabite Ketu: Loss
    vs. Wergugy's Zubat Batty: Loss
    as Kakuna
    vs. Banditos's Rhyhorn Lagann: Loss
    vs. Natorei's Quilava Ray: Loss
    vs. ChainReaction01's Beldum Meta: Loss
    vs. PMan's Abra: Win
    vs. Katsuya's Monferno Akio: Loss
    vs. Neonsands's Prinplup: Loss
    vs. Nirvash's Sneasel: Win
    vs. Laevatein's Riolu Musashi: Win
    with Kaiser Hosikawa's Lucario vs. Ghaskan's Swinub & Dust's Infernape: Loss
    as Beedrill
    vs. Mubz's Metang: Loss
    vs. Omniplex's Gyarados Fury: Loss
    vs. Alaska Pigeon's Taillow Tobias: Win
    vs. Legendary Master's Flygon: Loss
    vs. Black Cat 320's Luxray Ace: Loss
    vs. Dust's Sableye: Win
    vs. Sythesis's Camerupts: Loss
    vs. Ant Medin's Scizor Shear: Loss
    vs. Zolar's Typhlosion Burn-Out: Loss
    vs. Fudo's Skuntank: Loss
    vs. Xeniaph's Swablu Namida: Win
    vs. Shinji Hirako's Magmortar: Loss
    vs. GliscorMan's Magby: Loss
    vs. Charzardman's Charmander: Loss
    vs. Chromas's Beldum Psy: Loss
    vs. Rockman0's Starly: Win, OHKO
    vs. Badvinvin's Chimchar: Win
    vs. Kayumi's Togekiss Misy: Win
    vs. Mubz's Bagon: Win
    vs. GliscorMan's Gliscor: Loss
    vs. Kai-Mei's Togekiss: Win
    vs. Pikapika86's Metapod: Win
    vs. Yumega's Skorupi Spike: Loss
    #2 Hyoma, May 16, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2010
  3. Hyoma

    Hyoma Super Nerd

    Blog Posts:
    May 12, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:

    #3: Venusaur F

    #4: Charmander

    #8: Wartortle

    #11: Metapod

    #13: Weedle
    Hairy Bug Pokémon
    Height: 1 ft.
    Weight: 7.1 lb.
    It attacks using a two-inch poison barb on its head. It can usually be found under the leaves it eats.

    #14: Kakuna
    Cocoon Pokémon
    Height: 2 ft.
    Weight: 22 lb.
    From this form, it will grow into an adult. As its body becomes softer, the external shell hardens.

    #15: Beedrill
    Poison Bee Pokémon
    Height: 3 ft. 3 in.
    Weight: 65 lb.
    It has three poison barbs. The barb on its tail secretes the most powerful poison.

    #19: Rattata

    #25: Pikachu CC

    #38: Ninetails CF

    #41: Zubat

    #63: Abra

    #66: Machop T

    #84: Doduo C

    #94: Gengar F

    #101: Electrode CC

    #111: Rhyhorn

    #130: Gyarados T

    #156: Quilava

    #157: Typhlosion

    #162: Furret T

    #172: Pichu C

    #175: Togepi C

    #181: Ampharos F

    #212: Scizor T

    #215: Sneasel

    #216: Teddiursa F

    #220: Swinub

    #240: Magby

    #262: Mightyena T

    #267: Taillow

    #279: Pelipper F

    #280: Ralts F

    #302: Sableye

    #325: Spoink F

    #330: Flygon

    #331: Cacnea CC

    #333: Swablu

    #358: Chimecho CF

    #371: Bagon

    #374: Beldum

    #375: Metang

    #390: Chimchar

    #391: Monferno

    #392: Infernape

    #394: Prinplup

    #395: Empoleon CC

    #397: Starly

    #405: Luxray

    #424: Ambipom CF

    #435: Skuntank

    #444: Gabite

    #447: Riolu

    #448: Lucario

    #451: Skorupi

    #452: Drapion F

    #461: Weavile F

    #466: Electivire F

    #467: Magmortar

    #468: Togekiss TF

    #472: Gliscor

    #474: Porygon-Z F

    #477: Dusknoir F

    Bold means owned.
    Italics means seen in battle.
    Letter next to name denotes contest seen in. (C=Cool,B=Beauty, C=Cute,
    S=Smart, T=Tough, F=Festival)
    #3 Hyoma, May 16, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2010