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Review HZ027: As Long As I'm With My Companions

Such a wholesome little episode. It's great to see Dot get to spend some time with Liko and Roy.
Best thing about this episode was seeing more of Quaxly, and Liko and Roy's hilarious antics with Dot. I'll give her credit though, she tried to go with their shenanigans. But aside from that, nothing all too interesting went on here. I did enjoy the fact that we got a camp/curry episode after getting a picnic/sandwich episode earlier, so that was nice. That said, I think the picnic episode was far more enjoyable than this one. Also, I was happy to see another Nidothing video. It's weird, I feel like ever since Dot was revealed to be Nidothing, we've seen fewer videos from her. I hope that'll change and we'll see more videos from her across the episodes. Overall, not great, but not too bad either. 5/10.
Too much dialogue for me to have an opinion before subs but, I do like how the second half of the ending rap changes depending on who the guest singer is. (Not sure what else to call them)
An alright episode for the crew to land on wilderness for picnic and of course the gang to cook. Also, meeting the Hiker. Nothing happens on this episode except explorer discuss a plan to stop the group to obtain all six ancient pokemon.

Overall rating: C+
So it turns out that Spinel is running a misinformation campaign online, which tricked the RVT into stopping in the Wild Area. That sneaky guy single handedly carrying the explorers. Now the explorers are all set to find Rayquaza, so I'm guessing they won't be bothering the group until RVT finds a real clue on where to look (which doesn't seem like it'll be soon).

Great Dot development and appreceate all the screentime best duck gets. I really enjoyed the humorous approach of the curry making minigame from SwSh.
If Amethio's statement is correct, Rayquaza is the one releasing the Heroes from their ancient Poke Balls.

I was under the impression they were already free.

That possibly explains how they're all alive after all this time and how no one seems to have known they existed until our protags started searching for them.
Makes it more unlikely Lucius's Entei is the Entei like the RVT are thinking. Less it was an exception I suppose.
Does that mean anything? Not really unless its really paradox.
The Rising Volt Tacklers have curry while the Explorers meet to discuss their plans. Liko and Dot continue to bond as Liko encourages Dot to come out of her shell. Dot's reactions this episode were adorable. Liko and Roy's curry competition ended in a draw. Meanwhile, the Explorers have decided to prioritize Rayquayza over Terapagos for the moment and Sango continues to have more personality than the rest of the Explorers combined.
A nice development episode for Dot! I hope we get to see more and more of her and Quaxly as the series progresses. I can definitely relate to her social anxiety and withdrawal.

The Wild Area always looks good in the anime (even though it isn't used much), it just really gives me the free open-area with tons of different Pokemon vibe. Of course, they managed to include the curry-making from SWSH like they did with the sandwiches from SV. It was nice how they showed the differences between Liko and Roy and their respective curry preferences.

Zirc continues to be a secret Gurumin fan, which is a nice character-trait for him given the lack of attention he and Onia get.

The Explorers have a meeting and decide to follow Rayquaza instead of Terapagos because wherever Rayquaza goes, the RVT will follow, instead of just trying to chase after the RVTs from behind.

Not a lot to say, but a nice episode overall.
Y'know I have to wonder if they're setting up Spinel to be Dot's personal antagonist.

Not only has he fooled her twice now, they have somewhat similar traits:

They're portrayed as the smart one of their respective groups.
They prefer sitting in front of a desk and only get up when it's necessary.
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I could see it, might be a bit weird though just for that to be done with part of the explorers (And also not even with either protag, Theres Friede and Amethio and nothing with Liko and Roy unless you wanna count zirc and onia?)
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