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Review HZ028: The Stolen Treasure

Diana really was about to dracarys that man and his pokemon. She's reaching badass levels unimaginable.

Kinda frustrated that they literally have the vibe check pokemon screaming and shouting and ignore it when Fuecoco and Roy feel hungry (which is always anyway).

Hatenna knows moves! Psychic or Confusion.
Hey, hey. Hatenna has Confusion! Also, since Mollie isn't in this ep, we now know she and Hatenna share a voice actress.

Also, Diana was just ready to burn a man alive(?). Hopefully this doesn't run in the family.
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Another alright episode for Liko and Roy to looking for Diana old friend to search for the clue of one of six heroes pokemon. Only to end up being trick and Ancient Ball being stolen after suspected of Explorers promise him fortunate only to turn out is a pokeball factory company. Freddie always the one to save the day. Despite, not so well and caught to repay the stuff. Thankfully, Diana able to pull him back.

Overall rating: C+
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I actually really enjoyed this episode way more than I thought I would. I like how they didn't waste any time with the Pokeball being stolen plot. Seeing the kids and Friede searching for the thief was funny, especially the moment where they had Charizard clean up the mess he made. I like how they showed Liko and Roy to be a bit more even when they battled the the thief together, rather than how it usually is. Also, yay, Roy finally remembered that he can use Wattrel and doesn't need to rely solely on Fuecoco for every damn thing! Hopefully we can start seeing him be used more. Same with Hatenna, who I'm also glad did something, even if it wasn't commanded by Liko. That said, I hope Liko does start using Hatenna in battle instead of her just being a hood ornament. Overall, very amusing episode. 8/10.
A pretty good episode involving Liko and Roy as they go after Tepen who's ran off with Roy's monster ball with some amusing moments like Diana threatening to burn the ol' dude to a crisp. But luckily things work out for them all in the end.

Shame I'm probably going to miss seeing these eps earlier for a while now because of the clocks going back and I'm normally still in bed when these episodes premiere.
Fun episode, dont think it really progressed much of anything in the end but fun none the less.
Glad to see Hatenna finally use a move and even wattrel got to help... for like 5 seconds.
While it didn't exactly progress the plot, it was a fun episode nonetheless.

I'm glad that Hatenna got to use a move, I was a little worried it wouldn't really get any action until right before it evolved or something like that. Similarly, it was nice to see Wattrel again, but it was only for like a second before getting put to sleep. I hope it gets more screentime soon.

Diana is savage, she was really gonna let Arcanine fry him lmao.

Not much else to say, looking forward to the next episode with Orio!
The character of the day turns out to be an adventurer turned thief who returns to being an adventurer after a brief moment where it seems like he will instead become barbecued. Hatenna proves to be a valuable member of the team who can sense evil intent (but not quite convey that to the team) and telekinetically wield a shovel. That being said, the problem is solved in the end via Cap defeating all of the opposing pokémon.

This episode didn't change much about the status quo but at the very least the Rising Volt Tacklers have a new destination, meeting up with a Pokéball artisan who probably wasn't planning on receiving stolen property when he asked to buy rare Pokéballs.
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