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Review HZ039: Kanuchan and its Special Hammer

I completely forgot Orthworm live in deserts, so my mind was immediately latching on to one of the Aron line being the culprit. But yeah, Orthworm is good.

I have to say, my one disappointment is that they didn’t do the “older members gives the Poke Ball so the younger ones catch the Pokémon” thing like with Wattrel and Hatenna (I guess you could interpret Charizard giving Fuecoco the Ball in ep 6 counts as well).

Murdock’s most consistent character trait is how he wants to bond with his antisocial niece and earn Dot’s respect. This could’ve been a step towards that.

Oh well, nothing says it can’t happen in the next Dot focus ep.
I loved this episode Tinkatink is already so cute, and her portrayal here was just precious :bulbaLove: I'm so happy that Dot caught her. Also, it looks like the Maushold from the previous episode actually stayed on the ship!!! I wasn't really sure based on last week's episode, but that's awesome that they are. Two (or I guess technically 5) cuties we'll get to see often :bulbaWave: I enjoyed all of the moments of Dot bonding with Tinkatink. Orthworm debuting here was a welcome surprise. It's great to see Paldean Pokémon not being neglected. While I enjoyed seeing Quaxly battling again for the first time in forever, I wish we could have seen it do more than just spam water gun over and over. Hopefully he can get another battle soon. Overall 9.5/10 episode!
An awesome episode for Dot to catch her second pokemon, Tinkatink since she's cute and also crybaby. Especially being accursed that Steel being eaten while it was Orthworm the one who did it. Thus, Dot help her to clean her name and drive the worm away and become her second partner in the process and unironic it hammer is formed from Microphone after Dot brought. That make it a good companion to Dot. If anything needs to be repair.

Overall rating: B+
Also, my favorite scene when Tinkatink whack her pink Microphone hammer on Orthworm:
Screenshot 2024-02-10 212530.png
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Did not know how much I want Dot to be a legit trainer til this episode. This was a great one for her! Tinkatink getting caught, the deal with Orthworm of all things and just how cool Dot was even at the end... this gets an 9! Easily the best out of these stretch of episodes so far!
Dot looks so much better when her hair is not shaped like a Cherrim. The battle sequence against Orthworm was cool. This episode made me wish she would do a pokemon battle for one of her videos. Wouldn’t that be a good way to show her viewers how to apply her recommendations to pokemon battles?
On a trip to buy a new microphone, Dot buys an old microphone (in addition to the new one) that gets stolen and made into a hammer by a Tinkatink but she doesn't mind. Meanwhile, Orio buys a bunch of metal which gets eaten by an Orthworm. Dot, Quaxly, and Tinkatink defeat the Orthworm and Dot catches Tinkatink.

In short, Dot finally has a second Pokémon.
I do love when the show gets clever and uses game lore and moves in a way not constrained by game mechanics. Dot ordering Quaxly to use Water Gun to wet the area around the Orthworn (since living specifically in arid deserts implies it doesn't like moisture) and making it so that the only possible path is towards the two and Tinkatink is a great example of this.

Also, Dot's relationship with Tinkatink is adorable, especially when she came to the poor Pokemon's defense about not being responsible for the disappearance of the iron.
A great episode for Dot! I'm glad she got to catch the Tinkatink. Dot standing up for it and really asserting herself when everyone else was blaming it probably went a long way for her development. I like that they gave it a unique hammer in the same vein as Squirtle and Krookodile with their sunglasses. That Orthworm was such an asshole, so getting to see Dot, Quaxly, and Tinkatink beat it up was satisfying to watch. The strategy that Dot came up with was really good, too.

I love how much Murdock cares about Dot and wanting to make sure she is comfortable. I appreciate that as someone who can relate to Dot and her antisocial behavior. He is a really wholesome guy. I'm hoping we learn more about them in the next Dot episode with her mom.

I was trying so hard to think of Pokemon that eat metal, but the only ones I could think of were Meltan and Melmetal (which were unlikely).
I was trying so hard to think of Pokemon that eat metal, but the only ones I could think of were Meltan and Melmetal (which were unlikely).
There's quite a few steel types who do... often more than Orthworm actually.
Orthworm is just said to eat iron from the soil, meanwhile theres Pokemon like Aron that will eat train tracks.
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