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I made new findings about the third generation save structure and I need help to get them published.


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Jan 29, 2023
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Hi, Bulbapedia.

This is my first post, I found very helpful the article Save data structure (Generation III) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia but somewhat incomplete, reading a decompilation of Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire I found interesting data such as that section 1-4 are really the same supersection because they represent the same structure internally in the game and how to enable concrete flags such as that you received the eon_ticket to be able to catch latias.

I think that an article that cites verbatin parts of the disassembly from pret would be very useful to new people getting into third generation save editing.

I could benefit of any advice you could give me to modify the article because it would be my first edit ever in a wiki.

I am trying to do a Perl library to edit saves for the third generation.

I think that examples from my own save reading/writing code could also be useful for readers, probably in a different article.

I would like to know how can I create a draft to iterate over it until it is ready to publish.

Thank you all.
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I deleted my own dump of the .gba game I am playing with only leaving an example save, would be fine if I would able to share the codeforge code now just so people can give a look to the save editor I made.

I will not do it without permission if this kind of things are problematic with Nintendo.

If you are interested maybe contact with me.
Well, I have read what I wrote and "new findings" are too much to say, let's say better I made findings not documented in the wiki.

I decided to left some images I made about the save cheats I achieved to make.

Image 1 - Mirage Island changing the random number asociated for mirage island by the hihalf of the pc 4th pokémon pid.
Image 2 - Latias. (Undocumented in wiki, only have to put in key items eon ticket and enable a flag.)
Image 3 - More of the same.
Image 4 - Change sex. (Documented in wiki.)
Image 5 - A script which converts all the sav pokemon in shiny. (Documented)
Image 6 - More of image 6.
Image 7 - A Celebi imported with my library from a pkhex .pk3 file. (Discarding party part of the file to import it in the pc.)
Image 8 - Groudon enable after already captured it. (Undocumented.)
Image 9 - More of Groudon.
Image 10 - Groudon battle.
ruby1-0.png ruby1-1.png ruby1-3.png ruby1-4.png ruby1-5.png ruby1-6.png ruby1-8.png ruby1-9.png ruby1-10.png ruby1-11.png
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