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I need help finding a Pokémon I lost to wonder trade a while back.


Sep 9, 2016
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I probably should've started looking immediately after it happened. Maybe I thought it was too late by that point, but maybe I was wrong.

I posted on reddit a few months back about this and got a lot of support, and dedicated time to following the leads I got. But neither lead turned out to be my Decidueye, so that's why I'm expanding to other places. Still hoping. Still searching.

The story is that when Pokemon Gen 7 came out, I chose Rowlet and named him Comet. I was attached to him as any other starter in any of my other games. However, a few years later OCD that convinced me that if I didn't wonder trade my starter I was a bad person. But I wasn't able to resist it, and I traded my starter and soon realized I'd made a mistake.

I don't know if it's too late. But even if you think it's too late, just if you're reading please check your boxes. He might not even be in Pokemon Sun / Moon anymore, just check any boxes of any game that could have a decidueye named Comet. If you do, send me a message and show me it's OT and trainer ID and I'll see if it's a match. I know the chances are slim, but please, just check and see. It's really important to me.
Hi. This hurts to talk about, but some years back, I lost my Gen 7 starter to OCD when I got the idea that I would be a bad person if I didn't wonder trade him.
I really loved the guy. I already posted about this elsewhere, but to make extra sure people give their boxes one extra check, I'm going to give away a shiny Poochyena in Pokemon Home if you happen to have my pokemon.
The pokemon I am looking for is a Decidueye named Comet. OT starts with the letter S. If you find a decidueye that meets these requirements, please send me a picture of its summary, so I can verify if it's my own.

If I can verify it, it will be at least a month before I can retrieve him and subsequently deliver the shiny as I am currently in school and do not have access to 3DS or switch, so if you find him, hold onto him until then.
Thank you for listening, and have a great day.
Not really sure if/how anyone can help you find it. For all we know, the file it is on has been deleted. Even if you COULD find the Pokemon, there is no guarantee that the person would just give it back.
Not really sure if/how anyone can help you find it. For all we know, the file it is on has been deleted. Even if you COULD find the Pokemon, there is no guarantee that the person would just give it back.
such a thing (as in, finding the pokemon in question) is admittedly unlikely but still possible, and clearly this means a lot to this person so it doesn't hurt for us to be informed about the situation at hand
i don't mean to sound rude but certainly the original poster is already aware the odds of finding it are rather slim, i don't think they necessarily need to be reminded of that in a comment entirely dedicated to pointing out such a thing
in any case, i cannot really search by myself for this pokemon (although i would if i could) but if i ever am to bump into something that seems like it can be OP's i will inform them
Here is a list of Pokemon from my boxes that were not originally mine, along with their IDs and the first character of their OTs. I received one of them in exchange for Comet (probably the Lycanroc) if any of these seem familiar, please let me know and let me know if you've seen Comet by any chance?

Torracat - 123681 (First Character: R)
Froussardine (Wishiwashi) - 131870 (First Character: M)
Manzai (Bonsley) - 131870 (First Character: M)
Trevenant - 507197 (First Character: K)
Mauzi (A. Meowth) - 971119 (First Character: M)
Sandygast - 276678 (First Character: M)
Lycanroc Midnight Form - 043832 (First Character: N)
Ectoplasma (Gengar) - 894525 (First Character: J)
Hypno - 096071 (First Character: B)
Drowzee - 391973 (First Character: S)
Veler (A. Golem) - 610602 (First Character: S)
アシマリ (Popplio) - 575832 (First Character: ア)
Happiny - 668115 (First Character: B)
Skarmory - 729176 (First Character: T)
I’m sorry. I have no memory of ever receiving a Decidueye named Comet. Maybe one day, if you still don’t get Comet back, I can shiny hunt you a Decidueye? In Legends, there’s no way I’m shiny hunting before Legends Arceus. Too hard for me
Your story breaks my heart because I know firsthand how awful having OCD is. I’ve been Wonder Trading a lot recently, but I haven’t received a Decidueye named Comet. If I ever come across him, I’ll be sure to let you know.
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