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If every champion was replaced

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Watch out for the rain of steel
Jul 10, 2022
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If you had to replace every champion with another character from their region/generation, who would you choose ?

Kanto/Johto : With some proper training, Clair could probably replace her cousin.
Hoenn : Steven already got replaced by Wallace but I can see Drake becoming a champion like Lance did.
Sinnoh : Palmer, he's supposed to be a great trainer and in DP he shared his theme with Cynthia (and we've even seen him battling her in the anime).
Unova : Benga, who seems to already be at the level of a champion.
Kalos : Gurkinn, the Mega Evolution guru.
Alola : Probably one of the Alola League challengers like Ryuki.
Galar : Mustard or Peony since they're former champions
Paldea : I don't really know. Maybe Nemona ?
For Kanto, I guess Koga or Bruno
For Johto, definitely Clair
Hoenn, maybe Juan
Sinnoh, I would say Flint
Unova, Benga would be a good fit
Kalos, Lysandre or Sycamore? Maybe Malva
Alola, I think Hala would fit best
Galar, absolutely Raihan
indigo league: i agree with the clair consensus
hoenn league: juan. wallace replaced steven as champion and juan replaced wallace as the sootopolis gym leader... i love wallace but it seems fitting
sinnoh league: palmer definitely
unova league: benga as well
kalos league: this might be a weird-sounding choice but korrina. she's the one you battle for the right to mega evolution which is one of the key features of the game, i think she's a decent fit for it.
alola league: i think hala works best as well
galar league: i'm compelled to say hop but that kind of undermines his character so... either raihan or peony
paldea league: i would say nemona but i think she's supposed to be the "true" champion of the game anyway... i can tell you who i would LIKE to see as champion which is arven but i dunno if he's necessarily the best fit. maaaaaybe clavell
Kanto: Giovanni
Johto: Whitney
Hoenn: Norman/Wally
Sinnoh: Palmer
Unova: Drayden
Kalos: Siebold
Alola: Hala
Galar: Oleana
Paldea: Clavell
My thoughts process here aren't necessarily replacements, but rather successors in hypothetical sequels/revisits

Indigo (if Kanto focused): Koga. It'd be neat to see the full process of him going from leader to E4 to champion.

Indigo (if Johto focused): Karen, it'd be be neat for the region that introduced dark types to have a dark specialist as champion.

Hoenn: Wally. Think it'd be neat to see him go all the way to champion. I wanted to put one rival one here and I think he'd be the most interesting. Honorable mention to Tate and Liza, as thought of the champion battle being a doubles match is too good

Sinnoh: Palmer. Definitely radiates champion energy.

Unova: Grimsley. I love his energy and I think he'd be a fun champion

Kalos: Valerie. admittedly it's usually the 7th or 8th leaders that get champion'd and Valerie is only 6th in Kalos, but idk. It's kind of a Karen case where the thought of the Fairy specialist being the champion of the region that introduced Fairies is too good

Alola: Kahili. Idk just she kinda has that energy to her.

Galar: Raihan. Extremely Lance-esque. Makes too much sense

Paldea: Nemona. She should've been true champion in the original games so let's remedy that. Let's suppose she's become the new superintendent or sone other major role that make sense. I was initially gonna say Rika, but I don't want this entire list to be type specialists.
Would that not count as replacing the old ones? After all, successors tend to replace the precious person.
Technically yeah, I just assumed the question was potentially leaning towards an alternate universe type thing of replacing the champion in the same game, so I wanted to make the distinction with my post
Kanto/Johto: Return Oak to his rightful place on the throne.
Hoenn: I am legally obligated to say Winona.
Sinnoh: One of the stat Trainers, maybe?
Unova: Drawing a blank on this one... Bianca might be nice? To prove that she's capable.
Kalos: Consider... Malva.
Alola: Guzma or Plumeria, maybe? Or Gladion. Random Skull grunt.
Galar: The player's mum, if only so that "You are challenged by Mum" can be canon dialogue.
Paldea: Give a teacher the Championship. Imagine fighting, like, your math teacher in the World Cup. It doesn't even have to be the most popular or plot-relevant teachers.
There's no rhyme or reason behind my picks, I just chose characters I like. They would all need complete overhauls for their teams though.
Kanto: Professor Oak
Johto: Eusine
Hoenn: Zinnia, or Brandon
Sinnoh: Riley
Unova: Benga
Kalos: AZ
Alola: Lusamine
Galar: Peony
Paldea: Clavell
Kanto/Johto: Professor Oak (Pokémon Yellow fight with the battle theme Mixeli created)

Hoenn: Wally (final postgame ORAS team with his SM Battle Theme)

Sinnoh: Flint (wielding a Mega Rayquaza with exclusively Fire-type attacks + an assortment of Pokémon he ran in DPPt.)

Unova: Benga (using both his Black 2 and White 2 teams in one + a randomly selected fully evolved Gen 5 Pokémon determined before the start of each battle with him)

Kalos: Shauna (after 6 daily trades with her if you've exclusively given her Pokémon with an average of 530+ BST and level 70+. Her team will consist of the exact last six Pokémon you traded her and you will be able to trade with her outside your home on each day.)

Alola: A wild Solgaleo, Lunala, and Ultra Necrozma (All with the power to use a Z-Move. They will each use one Z-Move.)

Galar: Hop (Dubwool, Zacian/Zamazenta, Rillaboom, Cinderace, Inteleon, Gigatamax Corviknight)

Paldea: Nemona (6 random fully evolved Pokémon in the game determined before the start of each battle with Nemona)

All of these are either Level 100 in the postgame or whatever level Pokémon you traded Shauna.
I’m going to do this without looking at anyone else’s (so there may be repeat statements) and will not be including the player character as champion. I’ll be determining the other champion based on character motivations and what would make an interesting plot line.

Indigo League (Replacement for Blue): I’d probably choose Professor Oak. Lance is an okay option, but I am unsure who would take his place in the Elite Four

Indigo League (Replacement for Lance): I’ve chosen Archer. His team isn’t that great, but I feel like he could be champion in order to show his competence to Giovanni and turn Team Rocket back to its glory days. Eusine could also be a candidate, but I feel like Archer could have a drive to be champion.

Hoenn League: I think Zinnia would be an interesting replacement in the Hoenn League. Like with Archer, I could see her goals about bringing the ancient times and warnings back into prominence. I thought Norman would be an interesting choice but decided not as I felt like he’s more interesting in helping trainers becoming stronger rather than being the greatest trainer of the land.

Sinnoh League: Storywise, Palmer would be an interesting Sinnoh Champion. He does also seem to be a fairly strong trainer. It’d feel interesting to battle the father of your rival. Your rival who has had to overcome discouragement and failure.

Unova League: I’ll be skipping to Black 2 and White 2 because the black and White already have N to replace Alder which is perfectly fine. I feel like Benga would be an interesting replacement for Iris because the champion’s title would run through the bloodline.

Kalos League: I would go with Korrina. She seems like a passionate battler and even has a mega Lucario. She would probably also need to train in other types too like probably fairy, psychic, or dragon if she wanted to be a truly good champion.

I’m going to skip over Alola and Paldea because I’m not really sure who to replace and who to replace them with.

Galar League: If Leon suddenly disappeared, I think it would be obvious Raihan would take over. I guess also Chairman Rose could just take over as champion by revoking Leon and Raihan’s status so he could have all the energy he wants.

After looking at everyone else’s, I can’t believe that what we chose was so similar.
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