If Journeys were more like earlier series, what Pokemon would the characters have?


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Aug 4, 2020
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Trying to rewrite the whole thing really sounds complicated.....
I'd like to try it, what should have been Anipoke's SSS, standing for Sword & Shield Series......

Satoshi would go back to challenging Gyms, getting his Recommendation for being a Champion.
Any character created for Journeys would not exist.

Companion, in singular.... Onion. I know that the other Gym Leaders don't seem suitable for this.
While the Rivals should keep their roles, if they were to appear.
I decided to stick to what I envisioned during the Games' teasings and reveals.

Satoshi's Pokemon:
  • Main Team:
    • Pikachu. Without Kyodaimax.
    • Messon > Jimereon > Inteleon. I will never forgive them for that mislead. May Kyodaimax.
    • Erezun > Strinder (Low). Not a rushed disappointment like Lucario. Would Kyodaimax
    • Tandon > Toroggon > Sekitanzan. I actually wanted the last for Journeys, Satoshi defending it tempted me.
    • Kamon > Sir Kamon. The single one from Journeys that would stay.
    • Dorameshiya > Doronchi > Doraparuto. The Ace, after a long development. Reaching its final form during the Champion Cup.
  • Other additions, rotating:
    • Either Yukihami > Mosunou or Sacchimushi > Redoumushi > Iorubu. Both are atypical options.
    • Ralts > Kirlia > Sirnight. My response to Biito and his Brimuon, if he appears. It also gives him a Fairy-type.
    • Zoudou > Daioudou: To give the team more variety, if needed.
    • The Reserves. Only for the Champion Cup, some may obtain their redemption.
Onion joins already having either Desumasu, Galarian Sunnygo or both.
However; he will get his Gengar, with Kyodaimax, in the same way as Satoshi did in Journeys. Think of a transference.

I haven't thought so much about the Rivals,
Biito is the one with more chances to appear, while Mary may retain her role or be a companion......
Hop, not so much. Journeys has already sold me the idea of Dande being an only child.

This is harder than just thinking on what to change about Journeys.....


Mar 7, 2021
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Alright so here’s my take:
Ash: In Galar to attend the opening of Profesor Magnolia’s lab and meets Zacian. After he is saved by Leon, he decides to take on Galar gym challenge
Goh: A kid from Motostoke. He’s always wanted to travel Galar, but his parents insist he stay in school
Chloe: Her father is a professor working in professor Magnolia’s lab. She has never liked Pokemon, but that all changes when she meets Ash
Gloria: An assistant at Milo’s gym. She takes an interest in Ash after he battles Milo
Marnie: The sister of Piers and leader of Team Yell. Basically the Alain of the series. She’ll be too OP
Hop: The goofy rival, the Tierno or Hau of the series.

Ash’s team
Morgrem- Grimmsnarl
Pikachu,Rillaboom,Corviknight and Grimmsnarl will Gmax

Goh’s Team:
Cinderace and Inteleon will Gmax

Galar Rapidash
Eevee and Alcreamie will Gmax

Mr Rime

Marnie’s team will be the same from the games except I’m giving her a Pangoro

Hop’s team:
Toxtricity(Amped form)

Satoshi Wulaosu

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Sep 2, 2022
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Ash would travel to galar after losing in alola to take part in the league his team would be
Pikachu->Gigantamax Pikachu ( do I have to explain why oh and instead of going in a pokeball he would fist bump him and gain Gmax they get the ability right before kabu)
Impidimp->Morgrem->Grimsnarl->Gigantamax Grimsnarl( its is out of the box pokemon he would catch it at profesor magnolia house after it strals his pokedex at first it dosent listen to him but agianst nessa where he is willing to forfit so impidimp dosent get hurt it finnaly starts to listen to him it would evolve in the isle of armor then at opals gym and gain gmax right before raihan)
Duraludon( he would catch as a dynamax pokemon raging in hulbary it would be treated bad by the people after the dustruction until ash tells them to leave it alone after this it bonds with ash and becomes his galar ace with it special move Gmax Stone Edge similar to lucario in the anime its gets lots of attributes from ashs goodra)
Grookey( its the first galarian pokemon ash meets he catches after Kabu gym to trian in the isle of armor with him grookey is also a baby only being eight months old when ash catches it)
Kubfu->Urshifu SingleStrike-> Gigantamax Urshifu SingleStrike (musturd gives it to ash during his second vist to the isle of armor all it cares about is training eventually coming around then after losing to peirs cause he relies on Gmax to much now him and kubfu take on the dark tower and it evolves then during training for the leauge he trians with greninja to unlock dark bond so when ever he gets angry all his hits become crits)
Scorbunny->Raboot( it would orginaly belong to bede but after it disobeys him he realese it it starts causing trouble in hammerlocke so ash catches him right before fighting allister it a really cocky pokemon but this is caused by his low selfesteim from being mistreted by bede but in the battle with raihan it finnaly evolves)
The Companions: Aoi and Sadie

Aoi hes rhe son of Oleana he left home cause his mother wants him to join the Marco Cosmos while he want to be a profesor his pokemon are he would got to gen 9 with ash too Edit: the rgion is called paldea I think let me know if im wrong

Grubbin->Charjabug->Vikavolt( his first pokemon his ace)
Squrtile->Wartortle( he catches it in the isle of armor)
Egg->Silicobra->Sandaconda->Gigantamax Sandaconda( an Egg he gets from Raihan he gets it late in the series so not much would be known)

Sadie she is alister sister and she wishes to be a gym like her brother she would take part in the gym challenge she be taking on all the sword exclusives gyms her pokemon are

Eevee->Gigantamax Eevee( it her ace her brother caught it for her it has a crush on ash Pikachu)
Meowth( she catches It in the isle of armor it is the only undefeted pokemon that belong to a trainer in the series)
Snorlax->Gigantamax Snorlax( she catches it after kabu cause it blocks the path it become a strong and reliable pokemon to)

The Rivals

starting with aoi rival

Aoi brother Kuren a member of the Marco Cosmos his pokemon are

Litten->Torrcat->Incineroar( its his first pokemon)
Alakazam( it can Mega evolve)
Rilaboom->GigantamaxRilaboom(he gets it from rose)

Bea is sadies rival she uses her four pokemon from the game
Machamp->Gigantamax Machamp

Now finnaly ashs rivals

Marnie she is the last rival to meet ash her dream is to be champion her team is the same from the game except for Grimsnarl
Toxtricty->Gigantamax Toxtricty

Hop he takes inspiration from sawyer he become a trainer after watching ash in the kalos leauge his pokemon are

Wooloo->Dubwool( his first pokemon and his best friend)
Sobble->Drizzle->Inteleon->Gigantamax Inteleon( his starter he chose it cause he saw ash with the kalos water starter Inteleon is his ace
Rookidee->Corvisquire->Corviknight-> Gigantamax Corvinkight( ash originaly was trying to catch it but the hop throws a pokeball at it)
Cramorunt and Pincurchin( for what ever reason gamefreak put them on his team)
Obstagoon( its so Cool)

Bede Ash main rival there evenlly matched and his final opponent in the league he is ruthless any pokemon he battles must be beaten untill the point where there in critical condition his team is the same from the game and his story is the same from the game he become kind to wild pokemon after training with opal but all his opponents have to be completely destroyed

Leon he and ash have battled several time throughout the series he and ash have there final battle after ash wins the galar league where he and ash tie his team is
Cinderace->Gigantamax Cinderace
Charizard-> Gigantamax Charizard
that it and since gen 9 is coming soon leon would introduce ash to Paldea


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Feb 25, 2022
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Since the previous series usually has the games as a base I’m using the game knowledge of routes and order you encounter Pokémon in, plus other variables like rivals such as Hop Marnie and Bede

Basically I’m trying not to give them the Gym Leaders aces, The rivals prominent Pokémon like aces and “starters”, and Leon’s team and keep it just Gen 8 so no Lucario, Eevee etc


can GMax immediately like in JN​
Galar Starter (Rillaboom),
idk which one as I can see Ash with all of them​
GMax around dlc time​
out of the early route pokemon with Wooloo, and Rookiedee being Hops, Hop has a GMax Corviknight so it feels like a staple leaving the Blipbug, Skovet and Nickit lines and I’m leaning towards him getting the bug type again that can GMax over the other two and gives him his main three for awhile​
Initial GMax Pokémon until dlc comes out​
got it in JN​
got it in JN​
Sixth (idk) see below

I still think he would still catch a lot as I think he will still have the catching storyline but I will give his main/core 6 of Galar Pokémon the anime would make him keep on hand
Galar starter 1 (Cinderace)
Galar starter 2
whatever the one Ash doesn’t get​
Galarian Slowpoke -> one of the evolutions by the time Isle of Armor releases
has the Kantonian form in JN and would change it to fit as it was one of the notable Galarian Pokémon​
Galarian Darumaka -> Darmanitan
had the Unovan form so will change it to the Galarian one and one of the few that had some notable personality​
got it in JN​
got it in JN​
Would still have other Galar Pokémon like Greedent and G. Stunfisk


I don’t know how they would handle her maybe she would do the gym challenge and be the Gloria stand in or something different like with Pokémon research so I’m going to leave her team vague
can still be her family’s but would be with her like how Bonnie has Dedenne as it was technically Clemonts​
Galarian Ponyta
the Ponyta episode is my only reasoning​
Snom-> Frosmoth,
a cute yet non specific Pokémon that’s has some popularity at least during Gen 8 time​

Team Rocket
They catch their 3ish Pokémon

Chewtle-> Drednaw (Jessie’s)
The one that used to eat Jessie’s hair​
Cramorant (James)
Kinda like the one in M23
Silicobra -> Sandaconda (GMax) (Jessie’s)
Another snake for Jessie and plays into the random Silicobra you see in the games but don’t have the encounter with
Maybe Nickit
Plus still have Wobbuffet

Pokémon I don’t know if they would get
Kubfu-> Urshifu
-> either one
Toxel -> Toxtricity
G. Meowth - Perrserker
G. Weezing
G. Mr. Mime -> Mr. Rime
G. Yamask -> Runerigus
Hisuian Pokémon (all)


I don’t know if Dreepy->Dragapult, or Alcremie would actually make the cut as I think when you reduce it to the five it gets harder plus the stipulation I said above

As for the story stuff since I’ve seen people do that

Ash would hear about the Galar gym and how it’s the toughest gym challenge in the world and it dwarfs even Battle frontier or something making him want to go to Galar
Goh and Chloe would be stationed in Galar and not Kanto so they all meet and know each other similarly

It follows the. Game structure of the gym challenge where they are instructed where to go and have time restrictions and such
Goh can still have his eventual project Mew stuff maybe it’ll change to Project insert Gen 8 legendary/mythical here
Chloe I’m unsure of but can be completely the same as JN just traveling with Ash and Goh this time

Ash beats all the gyms and all the rivals and eventually gets his battle versus Leon like JN and the games

Gym leader wise he loses to Bea twice and just struggles there but beats her on the third try, and the sixth gym will be Melony to balance out the sword and shield versions

Isle of armor can be around gym 5 since dlc came later than when it was probably make sense in game story
Crown tundra in the period between eighth gym and the tournament

Darkest day goes as normal per the games so it’ll be more spread out and hinted and built upon with Sonia and co and will be the conclusion for the series but Ash vs Leon is still the finale unlike XYZ
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