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If you could have just one ship come true...

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Blackjack Gabbiani

Back due to popular demand!
Jan 1, 2003
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...what would it be and why?

I'd have to, in all honesty, say Eldershipping. It's cute, it doesn't involve any major characters (and thereby wouldn't interfere much with the plot), and would just kinda lead to the warm fuzzies in a minor character way.
Just one? That's hard. I'm not really sure, either Pokeshipping, Rocketshipping, or Eldershipping since I've been supporting those almost as long as I've been watching the show.
Contestshipping. It's my favourite, it's had more build-up than any other main-character ship in the history of the anime minus Ash/Misty, and unlike AAML it's current canon as opposed to past canon, which eliminates Pokeshipping's excuse for not happening.
Advanceshipping, because May and Ash are so damn similar that they're total soul mates.

I'm really tired of the couples that argue with each other all the time, that will most likely end up having a divorce when they get married.

Ash and May get along great, plus they deeply care for each other as Ash has taken her under his wing in Hoenn.

There's no doubt in my mind that May see's Ash as a hero, but they're both too oblivious to the fact that they care for each other to make a move.

May is as dense as Ash is about love, and vice versa, so it's gonna take awhile.
Tough one...

PokeShipping would that Misty would return, which would be cool, but to be honest, I'm beginning to think she's better as Ash's best friend than girlfriend.

Awww, no fair! Only one? T_T

I guess I'd have to pick Oak x Tracey if I can only have one. No, wait, Gary x Ash... augh! T_T
Pokéshipping would be my choice, because I've been supporting it for so long and it just seems like the natural choice. I think I'd rather it happen later in the series--perhaps towards the end (provided there will ever be an end), however.
Pokeshipping. I've been a fan of it since the beginning of the series, and I'd love to see it happen, and to see Misty return for good!
Unregistered, are you Cybercubed? =/

Advanceshipping for me. Basically what Unregistered said.

I'm getting tired of couples always starting off hating/disliking each other, or constantly arguing, or being opposites, or something like that. I like a couple couples that argue a lot too, but sometimes it gets really old. Seriously, how many couples that are canon involve the couple arguing a lot, or they hated each other or something along those lines? Inuyasha x Kagome, Ron x Hermione, Yusuke x Keiko, Bulma x Vegeta, Krillin x 18 (where the HELL did this come from?), etc etc... Jeez.

... Just look at the other Advanceshipping post and that's what I think. Yeah.
Neoshipping, Steelshipping, and Eldershipping are really the only three ships I support. Lately, I've become a little bit of an Orangeshipper, but we won't touch that right now.

So...I'm going to have to say...if I could have one ship come true it would be...

Neoshipping. That's the one I've supported the longest, and I just love Butch and Cassidy to death XD
Diamondshipping. I've been a fervent Diamondshipper since after being scarred by Live at the tender age of 12, and it's just so sweet and tragic.... excuse me, I must find meself some tissues.
Whoa,I thought I was going to be the only one who said Diamondshipping.

Don't get me wrong,I'm a fan of Pokeshipping myself,but I would rather have Giovanni 'officially' turn out as Ash's father than Ash and Misty 'officially' getting together.
Well,us Bashou fans have to stick together.

Cause' were brothers!!! HA! HA! HA!

(anyone care to guess where that post is inspired from? XD )
Well duh, Street Fighter.

And I was just reading the comics too.

Hmm...Diamondshipping would be nice, but something in me wants the mystery of Ash's father to remain a mystery
I'd like to see Pokéshipping happen more than anything else. And if not that, then Altoshipping would be a close second.
I would have to say Eldershipping. It's cute, it won't set off many of the people, and it would provide ome nice plot twisties....
I would say Pokeshipping, but I think it would happen anyway regardless of anyone's interference here. Same goes with Contestshipping. So I'm placing my bets on Rocketshipping because I've been the biggest fan of it for as long as I can remember, and I still am... just way more calm about it, and I still speculate on whether or not the writers are considering it or ever have.
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