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If you could have just one ship come true...

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Blackjack Gabbiani said:
Hmm...Diamondshipping would be nice, but something in me wants the mystery of Ash's father to remain a mystery

That would be preferable to finding out he's not Ash's father.. then I can keep on believing it, woot.
Choosing only one would be hard... But I'd have to say Hazel x Coconut from Pokemon Pipipi Adventure. To be honest, having a shipping in the main anime come true would be too annoying because of all the other angry shippers. XD But I love the manga, and I don't think it would be that much of problem even though the main plot involves Hazel x Almond.
Since DraggirlShipping is already true (like RocketShipping) it's just tough to see at first. I'd go with PokeShipping. But if I HAVE to, then DraggirlShipping.
It's almost too obvious Clair and Liza are in love.
Only one ship?!! @_@

Well... I am TORN big time between Breedershipping, Satotoshipping, Altoshipping and Speedingticketshipping. (grins like a moron) XD

But, since I can only pick one... I choose Breedershipping. Just because I really think Brock and Suzie look great together. ^^
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