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If you were a Gym Leader...

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Incinerawr, Apr 5, 2018.

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What's your specialty?

  1. Normal

  2. Fire

  3. Water

  4. Electric

  5. Grass

  6. Ice

  7. Fighting

  8. Poison

  9. Ground

  10. Flying

  11. Psychic

  12. Bug

  13. Rock

  14. Ghost

  15. Dragon

  16. Dark

  17. Steel

  18. Fairy

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  1. Leighton

    Leighton Member

    Blog Posts:
    Apr 6, 2018
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    I have always been partial to owning a Dark Gym, probably because it’s my favorite type. It’s, as mentioned beforehand, never been done before and thus has a ton of potential. I think, however, that I personally cannot find an outstandingly original idea for one. The obvious choice would be a haunted house / delapitated manor but that screams “Ghost Gym” to me. I’ve never come up with an idea that would really make it a creative masterpiece. Umbreon would 100% be on the team, however.

    I think that a Grass Gym would be an amazing fit for me, however. I’m a HUGE environmentalist and the idea of preserving rare and endangered species would be an awesome concept that I would love to incorporate into my gym. Some variation of botanical gardens would be a lovely setting. Amazon, as a company, is nearing the completion of their newest project; huge glass spheres filled with endangered plant species. It’s located in my home city of Seattle and I’m so excited to tour it upon completion. That would be the concept I’d use for my gym.

    Challengers would have to progress through different spheres that contain different environments. Plants grow everywhere, so there would be different types of ecosystems in each dome. One would house a forest, another a desert, another a canyon, a rainforest, and so forth. Inside each dome would be trainers that would have to be challenged and defeated before moving on. The domes would also double as a refuge for endangered Pokémon species that are protected so that they can reproduce. It would be a conservation effort as well as a Gym.

    I would be located at the final and largest dome, of course, and would have a variety of grass pokémon that could be interchanged depending on the challenger’s level. If I had to pick six, however, I would probably choose:

    1. Sceptile / Venusaur (Mega)
    2. Leafeon
    3. Treveant
    4. Ludicolo
    5. Torterra
    6. Breloom
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  2. Guzma

    Guzma Destruction in human form

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    Mar 26, 2016
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    I'd obviously go with a Bug-type gym, which surprises no one. The gym theme would probably be a giant glass dome/insectarium that has robotic "butterflies" flying around and "spider threads" that are actually bungee cords. You grab onto a bungee cord from below and get tugged up to the next floor; sometimes you end up right in front of a trainer who will battle you.

    My team would, of course, be Golisopod, Scizor, Volcarona, Galvantula, Scolipede and Yanmega.
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  3. EggPawn

    EggPawn New Member

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    Mar 28, 2018
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    I'd definitely go with a Ghost gym, as many of my favourite Pokémon share this type and it's the most common to show up in my teams.

    My gym could be set up inside the catacombs of an old town. The hallways and chambers would be pitch black with only the light of a helpful Litwick guiding your way. Channelers and Hex Maniacs would emerge creepily from the darkness in front of you, sending out the likes of Yamask, Cofagrigus and the Gastly line. As you progress, you would descend further and further below the surface and the music/sound design would become more ominous.

    Perhaps you wouldn't even know it was the gym at first. There could be rumours heard throughout the town that people have been getting lost underground, possibly eaten by the monstrous "EggPawn" or whatever name I'd use. Once finding and battling me, you'd learn that the whole creepy populace was in on it all along!

    It would likely be the 7th gym, as I'd want it to be challenging but not necessarily the final bout. My roster would consist of:

    Alolan Marowak
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  4. dashing_stunning

    dashing_stunning New Member

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    Apr 14, 2018
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    I have always wanted to be a Psychic type gym leader, even though there is a lot of types I also like.
    My gym would be in a desert and it would look a bit surreal, like a mirage. On the outside, it would look like a colorful sultan's palace. Or maybe a palace with arabian and indian influences, but obviously, colorful, trippy and mysterious. Inside it will be a labirynth of staircases but not dark - bright white, silver, gold. The endless stairs would lead to the room where I would wait, trainers there would be dressed in white clothes and would be called my "pages" (even if they weren't). I would be dressed in some pretty quirky clothes myself. I would unleash these Pokemon on my opponent: Mega Medicham (my ace and the creature my palace was inspired from), Metagross, Gardevoir, Mr. Mime, Malamar, Oranguru.
    Personality-wise, I don't think I'd be a very friendly gym leader. I'd try to fight the villainous team on my own terms, without the help of MC (and I'd fail because that's how story goes usually).

    After being defeated, I guess I'd be the only jerk in Pokemon universe not to bestow a TM upon a player. i'd just offer some words of wisdom in a form of "You'll start losing the day you think you won" and that will surely make a player uncomfortable.
  5. Alola

    Alola isn't it strange?

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    Jan 22, 2014
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    First and foremost, I would want to be challenging. I want to be as notorious as Whitney or Elesa (in Black & White, not BW2).

    Secondly, I'll pick Fairy types. I was disappointed with how Valerie presented their strength in XY, so someone has to do the type some justice.

    As a Gym Leader, I'd make myself the third or fourth obstacle a player would have to face. As a side job (have to earn income somehow, right?), I'd be a confectionery baker! Cakes, scones, breads, doughnuts, petits fours, cookies, sweet pastries-you name it! As a bonus, my treats can actually boost your Pokemon's friendship-because of that, it's pretty crowded by Trainers; so getting a battle with me won't be easy! My shop would have a pastel colored theme, too. I'd also sell delicacies from other regions like Big Malasadas, Lava Cookies, Old Gateau, etc.

    In terms of plot impact, the player character would arrive in my city and head to the Gym...only to find themselves unable to challenge me due to a long line of challengers. The antagonistic team would then happen to steal my secret ingredient that I use to help Pokemon like their Trainers more, from my shop. Thus, the player character offers to help me get it back at the crime scene. After chasing them throughout the city, battling Grunts together, collecting other stolen ingredients, and emerging victorious, I allow the Trainer to cut ahead of everyone for a Gym Match. I also tell them that they essentially completed the Gym Challenge by helping me!

    Regarding my Pokemon, my ace is a Sylveon! With her Hidden Ability I might add. Before her though, are my Eviolite-holding Togetic and Huge Power Azumarill. My Fairy types might appear frail, but we'll be sure to make you wail!
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