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If you were a Gym Leader...

What's your specialty?

  • Normal

  • Fire

  • Water

  • Electric

  • Grass

  • Ice

  • Fighting

  • Poison

  • Ground

  • Flying

  • Psychic

  • Bug

  • Rock

  • Ghost

  • Dragon

  • Dark

  • Steel

  • Fairy

Results are only viewable after voting.
Pokemon Researcher
Feb 1, 2013
Reaction score
Even though I like the Electric and Ice types more, I think I would fit a Flying Gym more aesthetically, because I love the idea of flying and souring free.

My gym would be outdoors, where the challenger must face trainers along the way in small clearings in the middle of a dense forest. The final trainer gives them a ride up to the top of a tabletop mountain, where I will be waiting. The tabletop mountain stands high above the thick forest, living the skies wide and open for an intense battle.

I would have some combination of Talonflame, Vivillon, Pidgeot, Braviary, Honchkrow, and my ace being a Noivern.
Well-Known Member
Jun 26, 2015
Reaction score
I would use pokemon that could make a combo of using spikes, spider web, toxic spikes and use the move Sky Drop to make the oponent get one more time speed reduced and damaged by spikes or poisoned if they healed.
Tanaka the Forbidden One
Aug 29, 2019
Reaction score
Another one, but for a fighting type.

He would be around the 3rd gym, and relevancy is that you find out he was an admin for the ET.

His gym would be based on Boxing and Professional Wrestling, with pokemon such as Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Riolu

The first 3 battles are single battles, then you enter a ring, facing 2 more people in a double battle before battling the gym leader

Trainer 1:
Hitmonchan - 21

Trainer 2:
Hitmonlee - 21

Trainer 3:
Hitmontop - 21

Trainers 4/5:

Pignite - 23
Riolu - 23

Monferno - 23
Meinfou - 23

The gym leader has full IVs in attack, and will use an X Attack at the start

Gym Leader - Kingston

Lucario - 26
Machamp - 28
Hawlucha - 31 (Main Pokemon)

He will make sure you can use traded mons up to 40 and gives you Dynamic Punch

Next time you encounter him is after the 5th gym, talking to some grunts, then walking off before they battle you.

The next encounter is before the 8th gym, and you battle him before challenging the boss

His Team is

Lucario (M) - 67
Machamp - 68
Poliwrath - 68
Meinshau - 68
Snorlax 71
Hawlucha - 75

Once defeated he walks off

The final encounter story-wise is before you fight the legendary, you are challenged by the Boss and another admin before he appears and teams up with you.

Post game his team is the same as his admin team but different moves and levels
Well-Known Member
Jun 26, 2015
Reaction score
use Whiscash in a water gym again and make it have Fake Out in the games.
("Cat" fish motive)