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If you were a Pokemon, which one would it be?

I'd be a Lucario since I like the idea of having aura powers and I would really like to stay bipedal.
I think I would be either a Liepard or a Meowstic, because I'm a huge cat lover and dark and psychic are some of my favorite types.
Probably a Gardevoir. I tend to be loyal to what I care about, and I'd willingly do quite a bit to defend it, just like a Gardevoir and its trainer.
Either Furret or Mienfoo - just love mustelids, watching the way how my ferret just plays and enjoys life makes me want to be one. Both Pokemon to me are super cute and very useful to have in a team.
Metagross :3 Brains of a super computer, being a massive psychic type with the body of steel = epic
Vulpix.. Albino Vulpix with furr like shiny Ninetales!!!

My name would be Silvara.
Minccino, cause I'm small, have large eyes and I really like to clean things haha.
Scolipede. It'd be cool to walk around like an armoured badass and flash that condescending look they all wear to everyone.
I'm indecisive, so I'd probably have to be a Ditto and change to whatever Pokemon I'm in the mood to be.
According to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness I'm a Charmander.
My second choice would be Totodile. Of course if was a Pokémon I wouldn't be a Charmander or Totodile for all eternity, I would eventually evolve into a Charizard/Feraligatr.
abra, im shy and tend to avoid people so making me as a friend can be as annoying as catching one with full health with a pokeball. no mean look allowed
Probably a Golett, so I could be small and cute in a robotic sort of way. That and I'm a freaking klutz so it would work out perfectly.
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