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If you were a Pokemon, which one would it be?

Id actually be cool just being a pikachu, chilling in the woods, sparking annoying wannabe trainers and other pokés, thatd be the life, bulbasaur is also a viable alternative :)
As much as I'd like to say Mew, I don't think I'd be worthy of being a Mew.

According to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games I seem to get Bulbasaur a lot, other than that the non-legendary pokemon I'd like to be would be Eevee or Vulpix so I'd go for one of Bulbasaur, Eevee or Vulpix :)
Snorlax. We have a lot in common (lazy, like to eat, like to sleep, etc.) so it's safe to say I'd be a perfect fit.
I would probably be Ditto, cause I could be every Pokemon. I AM A GENIUS!!!

I actually would be Infernape, Lucario(the cool silver one though) or Mew cause I troll around Mew did in the first movie.
Glameow, mainly because it's my favorite Pokemon plus normal is my favorite type. Also living a cat's life doesn't sound too bad.
Greninja because he's fast, tactical, the fact that ash has one and his move pool is so powerful!!
I wouldn't like to be a pokemon.
But if i need to chose one, i would like to be ghost or psychic type.
I'll go with Delphox or Gengar.
I think being a Lickitung would be pretty awesome. Either that or Mr. Mime
Accelgor, because It is a speedy Pokemon, and my avatar does remind me of Accelgor.
Gardevoir because just like it I'm sensitive, cerebral, and graceful.

Grovyle because I'm agile.

Carnivine because I look kinda weedy and disheveled.

Dunsparce because I'm quite a retiring person.
I would love to be a really cool and tough Pokemon, like salamance.

However, I think I'd be a torchic (more specifically, Mays torchic)
I'm quite clumsy...
Ideally, I would be Salamence because being able to fly in the sky, able to fend for myself rather well and being adorably fierce would be awesome!!
...But realistically I feel like I'd be a Sneasel.
I would like to be Tepig. He's cute and strong: the best of both worlds!

Realistically though, I'd be a Pidgey. 'Cause I'm weak and small, and will flee from battles instead of trying to defend myself. lol
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Gardevoir. I want to protect my trainer.

Pikachu. I want to be Ash's partner.

Darkrai. I will give random people NIGHTMARES. HAHAHAHAHA!

Kecleon. I want to be invisible and steal food. Hahahaha.

Torchic. That is my PMD Red starter.
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