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If you were a Pokemon, which one would it be?

Gastly. Always been a fan of the Pokémon and it is like my wish to be invisible and stuff.
...You've got three guesses.
I'd be Purrugly. I'm large, kinda mean looking, and tough sorta.

Watching from afar only getting involved when absolutely needed, then destroying everything in my path
Missingno because I'm pretty messed up to look at...it's a "bird type" and i'm a bird brain so does seem fitting :p
When I was young, I used to see myself as a Gastly (due to it being my favorite Pokémon). So, yeah, I think I will go with Gastly.
According to SMD, I'd be a Riolu. And I like that idea, Riolu/Lucario would be cool.
If not, I feel like I'd be an Arcanine, incredibly loyal to their trainer, it feels like a good fit for me.
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