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If you were the protagonist in the anime?


Well-Known Member
Oct 12, 2014
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So... i wonder. What would you alls team be if you were a protagonist in the anime. I am only putting in one limitation and thats starting in Kanto (Cuz first region), but the rest of the regions you can travel freely in. You can also include the Orange Islands in the journey if you like.

So lets start with mine

My starter would be Pikachu (As i think going with starter types limits me too much, since i don't like to double up on types if i can avoid it).
My first catch and second Pokemon would be Pidgey - Pidgeotto - Pidgeot (Fully evolves against Erika)
Bulbasaur - Ivysaur
Poliwag - Poliwhirl - Poliwrath (Ace of the team)
Mr. Mime (Gagmon of the team).
Tauros (Seondary ace of the team, caugt at the Safari Zone)
Magmar (Gotten from Blaine, who has multiple Magmar and this one bonded with me)

Reserves: Scyther (Accidental capture in the Safari Zone, wanted to release it, but decided to stay with me), Lapras (Gotten from a dude in the Silph Co building, however, isn't a battler)

Taking with me to the Orange Islands - Pikachu, Poliwrath, Ivysaur and Magmar. Rest stays at Oaks lab
Ivysaur evolves into Venusaur
My Team against Drake is - Venusaur (Opening mon), Magmar (Second choice against Electabuzz), Tauros (Fall guy - since can afford to do so, being my secondary ace), Mr. Mime (Deals with Gengar and Onix), Pidgeot (Deal with Venusaur and goes down against Dragonite) and Pikachu (Finisher)

For my journey to Johto, i decided intially to only take Pikachu with me, but Scyther wanted to come
Scyther - Scizor
Egg - Teddiursa - Ursaring (Ace of the team)
Sudowoodo (Shiny)
Totodile - Croconaw - Feraligatr (Tank)
Cyndaquil - Quilava - Typhlosion (Secondary ace)
Phanpy - Donphan (Replaces Scizor as a permanent member on the team)

A fresh start, with Pikachu the only one joining me
Taillow - Swellow
Mudkip - Marshtomp
Treecko - Grovyle - Sceptile (Ace of the team)
Aron - Lairon - Aggron (Tank)
Snorunt - Glalie (Secondary ace of the team)

I don't get any new captures, however, i do get 2 evolutions
Dratini - Dragonair
Mudkip - Marshtomp - Swampert

Chimchar - Monferno - Infernape (Ace of the team)
Chatot (Gagmon of the team, becomes best buddies with Swellow)
Snover - Abomasnow (Secondary ace)
Hippowdon (Tank)
Magmar - Magmortar (Evolves during the league, becomes best buddies with Infernape)

Snivy - Servine - Serperior (Ace of the team)
Roggenrola - Boldore - Gigalith
Tepig - Pignite - Emboar (Eventually send in training, but returns for the league)
Ducklett - Swanna
Mienfoo - Mienshao (Replaces Emboar)
Fraxure - Haxorus
Dragonair - Dragonite (Evolves during the league, becomes Fraxures mentor, resulting in evolution for it)
Froakie - Frogadier - Greninja
Fletchling - Fletchinder - Talonflame (Ace of the team)
Chespin - Quilladin - Chesnaught (Shiny)
Flabebe - Floette - Florges (Red Flower)
Honedge - Doublade - Aegislash
Riolu - Lucario (Evolves after a training session with Chesnaught and Poliwrath, Mega)
Litten - Torracat - Incineroar
Popplio - Brionne - Primarina (Ace of the Team)
Mudbray - Mudsdale (Tank)
Rowlet - Dartrix - Decidueye
Turtonator (Troubles a village, caught it so it doesn't anymore)

Sobble - Drizzile - Inteleon (Ace of the Team)
Scorbunny - Raboot - Cinderace (Secondary ace)
Grookey - Thwacky - Rillaboom
Farfetch'd (Galarian) - Sirfetch'd
Cufant - Copperajah (Gigamax)
Orbeetle (Caught in a Max Raid Den, Gigamax)
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Perfect Pawmi
Mar 20, 2013
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My teams would be based off of my in-game teams for each region with some changes. Not including their nicknames because that would be too long.

Kanto: Blastoise, Pidgeot, Nidoking, Jolteon, Arcanine, Dragonite
Johto: Meganium, Houndoom, Espeon, Lanturn, Xatu, Tyranitar
Hoenn: Sceptile (Mega), Mightyena, Plusle, Mawile (Mega), Salamence (Mega), Walrein. In ORAS I used Mega Manectric, but I would swap that for Plusle.
Sinnoh: Infernape, Luxray, Garchomp, Pachirsu, Chatot, Flotzel. This is basically my Pearl team, but swapping Golem for Garchomp (which I used in Platinum) and adding a Flotzel (which I used in Platinum).
Unova: Samurott, Liepard, Semisear, Cinccino, Emolga, Haxorus
Kalos: Delphox, Golduck, Gogoat, Aurorus, Dedenne, Noivern. Idk why but as I kid I always headcannoned that my Fennekin had a crush on my Psyduck but he was too dopey to even notice. Even after they both evolved. Just thought I'd include that. I think I also headcannoned that Dedenne liked to ride Gogoat's back.
Alola: Torracat, Ribombee, Lycanroc, Tsareena, Togedemaru, Sensu Oricorio
Kalos: Cinderace, Ruby Swirl Alcremie, Appletun, Dracozolt, Galarian Rapidash, Morpeko


Brock's Pikachu
Nov 8, 2005
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If I were the star of the show, my teams would mostly mirror my actual in game teams:

Lita the wonder Pikachu (Ash would still be a party member, and she and his Pikachu would be best friends)
Mina the Pidgeot
Saria the Venusaur
Mizu the Blastoise
Sammi the Charizard (and she would listen to me)
Trista the Kadabra

Lita the wonder Pikachu
Cyndy the Typhlosion
Luce the Ampharos
Aina the Machoke
Dundee the Feraligatr
Hana the Meganium

Lita the wonder Pikachu
Starshine the Blaziken
Ami the Azumarill
Zelda the Gardevoir
Flit the Swellow
Niji the Beautifly

Lita the wonder Pikachu
Diddy the Chimchar
Estrella the Staraptor (a running gag would be me correcting Ash every time he said it wrong)
Gaia the Roserade
Tails the Floatzel
Erin the Lucario

Lita the wonder Pikachu
Washi the Braviary
Midori the Liligant
Kaitou the Oshawott
Futeki the Mienshao
Yume the Espeon

Lita the wonder Pikachu (I would win this arc)
Krystal the Delphox
Rouge the Talonflame
Mizu the Blastoise
Zelda the Gardevoir
Erin the Lucario (my Mega Evolution Heart Song would be Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...)

Lita the wonder Pikachu (This would be the vacation gone horribly wrong arc)
Mele the Primarina
Alegria the Baile forme Oricorio
Kala the Tsareena[
Rocky the Dusk Lycanroc
Yume the Espeon

Lita the wonder Pikachu (This arc would follow Sword's plot, but some Shield characters would appear. The Isle of Armor arc would have a LOT more to do)
Ruby the Cinderace
Cuidachta the Corviknight (a running gag would be Ash getting this name wrong)
Shimmer the Eldegoss
Erin the Lucario
Zelda the Gardevoir
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Jul 21, 2018
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Quick note: I take my starter Venusaur to all regions with me like Ash would with Pikachu, Also since I didn't want two Grass Starters sadly I must leave my favorite Gen 3 Pokemon Sceptile off my Hoenn team.

Bulbasaur → Ivysaur → Venusaur
Spearow → Fearow
Nidoran♂ → Nidorino → Nidoking
Psyduck → Golduck
Growlithe → Arcanine
Magnemite → Magneton → Magnezone
Evolves in Sinnoh later in random episode

Reserves: Scyther

Cyndaquil → Quilava → Typhlosion
Mareep → Flaaffy → Ampharos
Egg → Eevee → Umbreon
Wooper → Quagsire

Corphish → Crawdaunt
Taillow → Swellow
Makuhita → Hariyama
Numel → Camerupt
Trapinch → Vibrava → Flygon

Reserves: Snorunt♀

Pulls an Aipom and comes with me to Sinnoh
→ Froslass
Starly → Staravia → Staraptor
Shinx → Luxio → Luxray
Shellos (East Sea) → Gastrodon
Skorupi → Drapion

Reserves: Hippopotas (Caught in my journeys version of DP044)

Oshawott → Dewott → Samurott
Ruffet → Braviary
Egg → Scraggy → Scrafty
Litwick → Lampent → Chandelure
Axew → Fraxure → Haxorus

Reserves: Elgyem (Caught just because it's cute)

Venusaur → Mega Venusaur
Fletchling → Fletchinder → Talonflame
Pancham → Pangoro
Skrelp → Dragalge
Egg → Helioptile → Heliolisk
Honedge → Doublade → Aegislash

Grubbin → Charjabug → Vikavolt
Litten → Torracat → Incineroar
Alolan Vulpix → Alolan Ninetales
Rockruff → Dusk Lycanroc
Mudbray → Mudsdale

Venusaur → Gigantamax Venusaur
Sobble → Drizzile → Inteleon → Gigantamax Inteleon
Rookidee → Corvisquire → Corviknight
Snom → Frosmoth
Rolycoly → Carkol → Coalossal
Impidimp → Morgrem → Grimmsnarl
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Well-Known Member
May 13, 2014
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I ended up doing a nice story covering four regions including companions and rivals as it felt like the natural limit. Sorry but I'll start in Hoenn lol. I'll ignore the "after winning the league you have to beat the elite 4 and champion to be the champion" rule since the last 3 years have questioned its validity a lot.

  • Team: Swampert, Altaria, Gardevoir, Beautifly, Shiftry, Castform
  • Companions: Brawly (goes for surfing competitions), May (goes for contests), Flannery (goes to investigate Team Magma, who destroy Mt. Chimmeney like in the manga)
  • Rivals: Wally, Katie
  • League: top 32, beaten by Wally
  • Team: Torterra, Staraptor, Luxray, Rapidash, Drapion, Togekiss
  • Companions: Candice (goes to investigate Sinnoh's mysterious past, and gets shocked when she discovers who her ancestors were), May (goes for contests), and later Volkner (starts in Team Galactic but turns to the good side eventually)
  • Rivals: Wally, Barry (they travel together), Leon
  • League: top 8, beaten by Leon
  • Team: Greninja, Mega Charizard, Florges, Gogoat, Tyrantrum, Golurk, and at the end Mega Swampert
  • Companions: Trevor (who is 70% researcher 30% catcher), Tierno (goes for Showcases as his alter ego "Linda"), and Mairin (initally she's just there for fun, but eventually discovers she's good at riding Pokemon and becomes a Rhyhorn Racer)
  • Rivals: Alain, Shauna, Kalm, Amelia
  • League: top 4, beaten by Shauna
  • Team: All the above in rotation + Kingler and Snorlax
  • Companions: Just Scott, it's not a long and fledged quest, only takes a couple weeks.
  • Rivals: None
  • Eight symbols obtained
  • Team: All the above in rotation + Copperajah
  • Companions: Peonia (studies habitats), Allister (wants to make friends), Klara (wants to be a travel vlogger)
  • Rivals: Marnie, Gordie
  • League: champion, after beating Leon

That would be all, an alternate journey would be Alola>Kanto>Johto>Unova>World Championships, maybe that's the one my mentee would take...
Feb 23, 2021
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These are the Pokemon I would get in each region if I were the protagonist
1 Pikachu
2 Spearow -------> Fearow
3 Growlithe -----> Arcanine(Ace of the team)
4 Squirtle
5 Bulbasaur ------> Ivysaur
6 Cubone -------> Marowak
7 Gastly -------> Haunter -------> Gengar (Secondary Ace of the team)
8 Kangaskhan (Tank)
9 Rhyhorn -------> Rhydon
10 Aerodactyl

Orange Islands
I would take Ivysaur and Scyther and catch these Pokemon
1 Poliwag ------> Poliwhirl -------> Poliwrath
2 Dratini -------> Dragonair -----> Dragonite

1 Pikachu
2 Scyther -----> Scizor (Caught at the Bug Catching Contest)
3 Houndour -----> Houndoom
4 Totodile -----> Croconaw -----> Feraligatr (Ace of the team)
5 Eevee -----> Espeon (Secondary Ace of the team)
6 Sneasel
7 Egg -----> Larvitar -----> Pupitar ------> Tyranitar (Replaces Scizor)

1 Pikachu
2 Taillow ----> Swellow
3 Torchic ------> Combusken -----> Blaziken (Ace of the team)
4 Milotic
5 Sableye (Gagmon of the team)
6 Bagon -----> Shelgon -----> Salamance (Secondary Ace of the team)

Battle Frontier
Rotation of all my Pokemon

1 Pikachu
2 Chimchar -----> Monferno -----> Infernape (Secondary Ace of the team)
3 Budew ----> Roselia -----> Roserade
4 Buizel
5 Riolu ----> Lucario (Ace of the team)
6 Gible ----> Gabite
Sneasel and Rhydon evolves into Weavile and Rhyperior respectively before the Sinnoh League match

Sinnoh Battle Frontier
I will use only Sinnoh Pokemon in addition to catching
Gabite evolves into Garchomp

1 Pikachu
2 Rufflet -----> Braviary
3 Oshawott ------> Dewott
4 Darumaka ------> Darmanitan ( Ace of the team)
5 Egg ------> Mienfoo ------> Mienshao
6 Pawniard ------> Bisharp ( Secondary Ace of the team)

1 Pikachu
2 Froakie -----> Frogadier -----> Greninja (Ace of the team)
3 Hawlucha
4 Litleo ------> Pyroar
5 Skiddo ------> Gogoat ( Secondary Ace of the team)
6 Tyrunt ------> Tyrantrum ( Gagmon and Tank of the team)

1 Pikachu
2 Litten -----> Torracat -----> Incineroar (Ace of the team)
3 Pikipek ------> Trumbeak -----> Toucannon
4 Mudbray ------> Mudsdale
5 Jangmo-o -------> Hakamo-o --------> Kommo-o ( Secondary Ace of the team)
6 Zeraora

1 Pikachu <--------> Gigantamax Pikachu
2 Rookidee -----> Corvisquire -----> Corviknight
3 Grookey -----> Thwackey ----->Rillaboom
(Ace of the team)
4 Chewtle ------> Drednaw (Tank)
5 Impidimp ------> Morgrem ------> Grimmsnarl (Gagmon of the team)
6 Kubfu ------> Single Strike Urshifu ( Secondary Ace of the team)

Serverus Snope

↑ & ↓ & ↻
Mar 24, 2015
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If I were the protagonist of the anime... I'd probably start wondering why I haven't hit puberty at all after like 4 years. The show would probably then turn into a huge mind screw about pseudo-time loops and stuff.

As for the Pokemon I'd have: would there be any Pokemon I'd be contractually obligated to use? Like Pikachu?


Well-Known Member
Oct 12, 2014
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If I were the protagonist of the anime... I'd probably start wondering why I haven't hit puberty at all after like 4 years. The show would probably then turn into a huge mind screw about pseudo-time loops and stuff.

As for the Pokemon I'd have: would there be any Pokemon I'd be contractually obligated to use? Like Pikachu?

Nope, its all your decision which Pokemon you are using.

Ghost Diplocaulus

Detroit SMAAAASH! Eevee style.
Sep 22, 2020
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My journey as a protagonist would be a bit unusual because I'd be from the Orre region, which while although in much better shape after the double defeat of Cipher, still wouldn't have a proper League, meaning that there wouldn't be much for me to do. I do still catch a few wild Pokemon (which have become more abundant), and my starter is... an Eevee (I know, shocking, right? What a unique and original choice! :p). Anyway, it actually would make some sense beyond me just giving myself a cliche favorite; both of the heroes that defeated Cipher used members of the Eevee line, so it's only logical that the Eevee family would become quite popular amongst Orreans and become a staple "first Pokemon" for beggining trainers. Anyway, after catching a few Pokemon and randomly challenging a few of Orre's battle facilities, I realize that I need to head somwhere else if I want to actually become stronger, and I end up deciding to travel to Hoenn first. In Hoenn I finally complete a full team, and although I initially went there with the intention to challenge the Gyms, I end up deciding to do Contests instead, as I feel they seem a lot more fun. I collect all five Ribbons just in time for the Grand Festival, which I end up losing at the semifinals.

Next I go to Sinnoh to give Contests another try, and I decide to start fresh and bring only my starter Eevee (who has become a Jolteon by now). Thanks to my greater experience, I train this new team much more efficiently than my previous one, and I actually end up winning the Grand Festival this time around. Feeling satisfied with myself, I decide that I'll challenge the Gyms next time.

So, I head to Johto and sign up as a League challenger. My experience with Contest Battles manages to get me quite far due to the unorthodox strategies I pull off. Unfortunately, I still end up getting eliminated at the Top 16 in the League.

It's only now that I make it to the Kanto region, due to it being literally Johto's neighbor. Here I actually bring another Pokemon from my Johto team with me aside from Jolteon (namely a Dragonair). I manage to make it to the Top 8 this time at the League.

I retrace my steps and go closer to home. The Unova region. Once again I start with a clean slate with the exception of my starter. I make it to the Top 8 again.

Now I head to Kalos, and this time I do things a bit differently. I do catch a couple new Pokemon, but when I learn about the Mega Evolution phenomenon I decide to bring a few of my old mons back due to them being able to Mega Evolve, and manage to eventually find and master everyone's Mega Stone. Unfortunately, this still isn't enough for us to win the League. Though we do make it to the semifinals this time.

My performance at the Kalos League does prove impressive enough for me to be approached by Leon (who has lost his Champion position by now, so he's the head of the Macro Cosmos), who offers me a sponsorship for the Galar League. Because of the much more competitive environment compared to the other Leagues, I am constantly bringing back old Pokemon for challenges alongside the new catches I make in Galar; often, I use my old Pokemon to train the newbies and help them catch up. Similarly, by the time I make it to the League, I use all my Pokemon, old and new. This time we make it to the finals. We still lose, though, albeit barely.

Alola is the very last region I travel to (at this point, at least), and at first I'm actually a bit reluctant to challenge its League, which by now is much more firmly established and more organized. Mainly because although I have been steadily getting closer to winning every time I challenge a League, part of me is really afraid of what'll happen if I actually do win this time. Does that mean I have to stop traveling? Will that be the end of my career? Because of my doubts, I actually do pretty badly in the initial trials that I challenge. I do eventually snap out it thanks to my Pokemon encouraging me, and because I learn that no, winning a League doesn't mean the end of a Journey. Speaking of which, I do win this League, and like in the Galar one I use both past and present Pokemon. This win along with Alola's history of not having a proper League until relatively recently compared to basically every other region inspires me to go back to Orre and establish a proper League there.

Anyway, I know this is all pretty rough and I need to expand on it a bit more (in particular, I need to come up with some rivals, lol), but this is a draft of my joruney.

  • Eevee-->Jolteon
  • Trapinch-->Vibrava
  • Aron-->Lairon
  • Hoppip-->Skiploom

  • Jolteon
  • Vibrava-->Flygon
  • Lairon-->Aggron
  • Skiploom-->Jumpluff
  • Ralts-->Kirlia-->Gardevoir
  • Skitty-->Delcatty

  • Jolteon
  • Buizel-->Floatzel
  • Egg-->Riolu-->Lucario
  • Chatot
  • Tangela-->Tangrowth
  • Snorunt-->Froslass

  • Jolteon
  • Egg-->Togepi-->Togetic-->Togekiss
  • Wooper-->Quagsire
  • Houndour-->Houndoom
  • Girafarig
  • Dratini-->Dragonair

  • Jolteon
  • Dragonair-->Dragonite
  • Caterpie-->Metapod-->Butterfree
  • Sandshrew-->Sandslash
  • Growlithe-->Arcanine
  • Lapras

  • Jolteon
  • Deerling-->Sawsbuck
  • Drilburr-->Excadrill
  • Archen-->Archeops
  • Mienfoo-->Mienshao
  • Solosis-->Duosion-->Reuniclus

  • Jolteon
  • Goomy-->Sliggoo-->Goodra
  • Skiddo-->Gogoat
  • Aggron (Mega)
  • Gardevoir (Mega)
  • Lucario (Mega)

  • Jolteon
  • Butterfree (Gigantamax)
  • Rookidee-->Corvisquire-->Corviknight (Gigantamax)
  • Wooloo-->Dubwool
  • Dreepy-->Drakloak-->Dragapult
  • Kubfu-->Rapid Strike Urshifu (Gigantamax)

  • Jolteon
  • Rockruff-->Dusk Lycanroc
  • Alolan Vulpix-->Alolan Ninetales
  • Mimikyu
  • Dewpider-->Araquanid
  • Salandit-->Salazzle


Sep 6, 2020
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I was gonna do Alola initially but that was too similar to Ash, so I’ll base it off my PLA playthrough instead (spoilers below)

I fall out of the sky as usual, meet Laventon and everyone at Jublife village is bewildered to see a stranger on his own. I’m just as confused as they are, but am taken away by the region. I’m happy to just be a resident but ofc the Galaxy expedition team needs me to prove myself otherwise they’ll exile me. So I pick Rowlet and catch 3 pokemon fairly easily. They don’t trust me and but are impressed by my skill so decide to keep me - I gotta either work with them or get exiled. I reluctantly take the opportunity. At this point I’m pretty carefree and confused about who I am, since I have no past memories but am also fascinated by the pokemon

Aside from Laventon, everyone else is fairly distant with me. Until I meet Volo, a friendly merchant who shares a similar curiousity. He can also battle well. We bond quickly and he becomes one of my closest friends. At this point, I’m battling/catching pokemon rather easily and am not taking things that seriously. Everyone warns me how dangerous the region is and how oddly skilled I am. All is going well until I find an alpha rapidash, I get cocky and challenge it and get absolutely swept. I have to be rescued and my Rowlet in particular gets critically injured as a result. So I gotta use new pokemon. This happens a lot more down the line. This is basically my turning point, where I realise I can’t mess around otherwise I’m recklessly putting myself and my pokemon at risk. So with great caution I continue

Basically I hit the same story beats, beating the nobles, encountering the clans, filling the pokedex etc. But as I progress, more pokemon keep getting hurt. I start to question why I’m even here and who is responsible for the nobles being frenzied (particularly after Arcanine). Me and kamado become more obsessed with taking down the nobles in the name of protecting people. I also learn more of Volo’s backstory, how he used to be a trainer but lost his partner when he was younger. He mentions the ancient myths, how they talk about a being responsible for the universe’s existence. We both contemplate that if such being exists, why they would allow all this suffering to occur. Why doesn’t it intervene? If I am the answer, why did it resort to sending a kid through time? What about my life, did he just pluck me out of a normal life, robbing me of one in the process? These sorts of convos make me more resentful towards these beings, and we make a pact to try and unravel the answers, perhaps meeting this being someday. This last part takes place when I’m exiled after beating all the nobles, when I encounter him only

But soon enough I look back on all my pokemon and friends, all the people I’ve helped and realised the positive impacts I’ve helped to made. I’ve brought the clans together, helped the people understand pokemon and save people even. Maybe I’m here for a reason and I might be the one sent to stop all these bad things from happening. With that the climax goes the same - Komado got pissed at me and recklessly sent everyone to close the rift, so I craft the chain, reunite with everyone, stop him and save the day as it goes. In the postgame I help with Volo’s quest and follow up on our pact, which ofc doesn’t end well. The person I trusted the most was responsible for all the wrongdoings of the region and a maniac so I gotta stop him. I meet Arceus at the very end and decide to settle in Hisui, since it’s become my home

My teams basically my ingame one btw, notably Decidueye, Luxray, Staraptor, Rhyperior, Sinnoh starters, Electivire, Garchomp and a few others


8/18: Never forget what they took away from us
Mar 14, 2021
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Probably start out in Hoenn with a Swampert with Cramorant as my shoulder mon. And I’d win more leagues than Ash.


Call of Fate
Feb 26, 2015
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Kanto: Growlithe->Arcanine, Nidoran-M->Nidorino->Nidoking, Eevee->Jolteon, Staryu->Starmie, Dratini->Dragonair->Dragonite, Jigglypuff->Wigglytuff
Johto: Marill->Azumarill, Heracross, Skarmory, Eevee->Espeon, Houndour->Houndoom, Larvitar->Pupitar->Tyranitar
Hoenn: Mudkip->Marshtomp->Swampert, Shroomish->Breloom, Electrike->Manectric, Bagon->Shelgon->Salamence, Absol, Ralts->Kirlia->Gardevoir
Sinnoh: Buizel->Floatzel, Budew->Roselia->Roserade, Rotom, Sneasel->Weavile, Starly->Staravia->Staraptor, Gible->Gabite->Garchomp
Unova: Oshawott->Dewott->Samurott, Axew->Fraxure->Haxorus, Sigilyph, Golett->Golurk, Minccino->Cinccino, Mienfoo->Mienshao
Kalos: Fletchling->Fletchinder->Talonflame, Helioptile->Heliolisk, Eevee->Sylveon, Skrelp->Dragalge, Amaura->Aurorus, Espurr->Meowstic-M
Alola: Popplio->Brionne->Primarina, Grubbin->Charjabug->Vikavolt, Oricorio-Sensu, Salandit->Salazzle, Alolan Vulpix->Alolan Ninetales, Rockruff->Lycanroc-Midday
Galar: Scorbunny->Raboot->Cinderace, Eiscue, Cramorant, Galarian Slowpoke->Galarian Slowbro, Dreepy->Drakloak->Dragapult, Pincurchin
Hisui: Oshawott->Dewott->Hisuian Samurott, Goomy->Hisuian Sliggoo->Hisuian Goodra, Hisuian Zorua->Hisuian Zoroark, Basculin->Basculegion-M, Cyndaquil->Quilava->Hisuian Typhlosion, Hisuian Growlithe->Hisuian Arcanine
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Aug 2, 2018
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I'd start in Hoenn with the same goal as many young trainers: To be the Champion. For a good few years that was one of my main driving forces, even after losing three leagues in a row it never occurred to me that maybe my efforts were better put else where. While I was relaxing at home after my third league I received an invitation to take on my home region's Battle Frontier, something that I personally felt was incredibly prestigious(In my personal head-canon, Frontier Brains are Champion-tier trainers without title). I decided to take on Noland first, figuring that using rental Pokemon would make the win incredibly easy to get...only to lose badly in the end. I blamed both my impulsiveness and my lack of knowledge, as I never really did any researched on any of the unfamiliar Pokemon I ended up using. The loss didn't deter me, however, I just felt even more inspired to keep training and traveling, this time doing the proper amount of research for the Pokemon around me.

As I continued to travel through the various regions to take on their leagues, meeting many different people and Pokemon, my passion for being Champion waned greatly. I no longer dreamed of beating a league, instead my thoughts were always on owning my very own Battle Facility. I had studied up Noland and the other Frontier Brains and how each of their facilities worked, and the thought of having my own excited a lot more than winning a league. Being a Frontier Brain became my new goal in life, a thought that always brought a wide smile to my face - I tried not to think about too often, as sometime my Pokemon gave me strange looks whenever they'd see me sitting and grinning widely to myself.

Orre's Colosseums, the Battle Maisons, Poketopia..I took on all of these places between journeys, knowing that they attracted some of the strongest trainers in their respectful regions, if not the world. I knew that Scott would likely invite me to be a Brain if I took down either Hoenn's or Sinnoh's Battle Frontier, but I was aiming to take both down to prove that I could stand tall with all of them.

It took years of hard-work, dedication and collecting an assemble of amazing partner..but finally, I achieved my goal. With Dahlia and her Battle Arcade serving as my last battle Scott, impressed with my skills and tenacity, formally invited me to be in the Battle Frontier. As for where it'll be i'm think Unova, but it'll be a while before the facility'll be built. Either way I invite all of you to challenge Unova's brand new Battle Stadium once its built!

Mudkip --> Marshtomp-->Swampert(My starter and strongest Pokemon. Gentle-hearted but also a natural born leader. She tends to keep the others in check whenever i'm not around. Later on she'd get the power of Mega-Evolution, really showing off the strong bond we've forged together.)

Shroomish-->Breloom(A feisty go-getter, a girl who's always ready and looking for her next challenge.)

Plusle(She's a cheeky little thing but has a fear of tight spaces, which is why she's normally on my shoulder and doesn't go into her Pokeball unless necessary)

Sandshrew-->Sandslash(Though he's short-tempered, he's always been a reliable and loyal partner.)

Kecleon(He's a tricky and voracious little guy, who can use his tongue like a lasso to grab baerries out of hands and trees with expert ease.)

Donphan(A mostly stoic guy, but those times where he smiles or shows off some of his snark are always a highlight.)

Tepig-->Pignite-->Emboar(Boisterous and proud, she considers Swampert to be her biggest rivals and wants nothing more than to surpass her.)

Audino(A girl with a compassionate soul, who likes acting as a mother or big-sister figure to her many allies)

Scraggy-->Scrafty(He's known for his brash and aggressive nature, as well for how flustered he gets around Audino. It's never been a secret on how he truly feels about her.)

Seviper(He's calm, collected and is always so nonchalant with the threats he throws around. He cows for no one but he has more than a few allies that he treats with utter respect.)

Gligar-->Gliscor(She's always been a little vain, especially when it comes to her aerial abilities, and won't hesitate to challenge her other flying teammates to air races to prove her skills.)

Banette(Despite how brutal she can be in battle, she has a sweet-tempered and friendly persona off the battlefield.)

Snivy-->Servine-->Serperior(I got his egg late into my Unova venture so he didn't get to compete in that league. Thanks to be raised by such a colorful cast of character's he's a confidant and headstrong guy who really values the family that took care of him.)

Bunnelby-->Diggersby(He's a chipper and earnest guy, always looking towards the future and has, on multiple occasion, said he wants to start his own family some day.)

Abra-->Kadabra-->Alakazam(He's blunt and has never been known for his tact, he's a know-it-all and tends to annoy many of his allies.)

Tirtouga-->Carracosta(I know I can rely on him like I do any of my other Pokemon, but Carracosta's always been meek and soft-spoken. If he was a Blastoise i'm sure he'd hide in his shell whenever he got spooked.)

Fennekin-->Braixen-->Delphox(He's a spiteful and sharp-witted fox, his tender side is a rare sight to see but over the years he's really mellowed out.)

Beartic(Until I came along she was the self-proclaimed queen of the Frost Cavern - She's diligent in her training and power-hungry, wanting desperately to be the strongest around. Its a long road for her, as neither Swampert, Emboar or any of my other heavy hitters will make it easy for her.)

Sliggoo-->Goodra(I caught her late in Kalos and wasn't gonna make her battle in Wulfric's Gym. Despite her incredible power she's always remained courteous and humble, she trains hard but has no real desire to surpass her strongest allies.)

Pichu-->Pikachu-->Alolan Raichu(Plusle's fun-loving partner. When he's not treating her like a queen he's a jovial and lovable little guy with a big sweet-tooth, he'll share sweets with his mates but otherwise he can be pretty selfish with them.)

Jigglypuff-->Wigglytuff(She's a high-spirited girl who's always had a flair for the dramatics, she loves making people smile and laugh and has honestly convinced me to compete in a few contests.)

Salandit-->Salazzle(She tries to put on this facade of a cool and collected girl, but she's actually pretty irritable and doesn't take failure all to well. She's hard on herself if she loses a battle, even when we try to comfort her.)

Absol(Serious-minded and goal-driven, he's apparently lost a lot in his life while living in the wild so he trains hard to make sure he doesn't lose this new family he's managed get. He use to struggle with small-talk but over the years he's become a lot more open and emotional.)

Hakamo-o-->Kommo-o(Bold but also very impulsive, he's always challenging his stronger allies to battle to improve himself. And whenever he sees strong Pokemon while we're on the road he's usually the first to rush off to try and battle them. He can be a real handful sometimes.)

Bidoof-->Bibarel(She's not the smartest girl around and is certainly goofy, but no one holds that against her. She's chummy and care-free for the most part, never worrying about how strangers perceive her. She's just happy to have so many friends to pal around with.)

Cubone-->Marowak(He's a self-proclaimed 'ladies man', confidant in his approach and species doens't matter much, but its rare that someone accepts his advances.)

Buneary-->Lopunny(A compassionate and adventurous girl who mostly takes after her mother-figure, Audino, but unlike her mama she has a strong passion for battling. She also capable of Mega-Evolving like Swampert, with the two of them being the only ones that can.)

Burmy-->Mothim(Ever since he evolved he's been my self-proclaimed 'high flying guardian', soaring through the skies like a scout in search of possible danger. Since both he and Gliscor consider themselves both to be my best fliers the rivalry between them can get intense at times.)

Budew-->Roselia-->Roserade(Poor guy is hopeless in love with Breloom, but with the way she is romance is the last thing on her mind. Roserade, for the most part, is a down-to-earth and who carries himself with grace..until his crush comes around and then he's a showoff.)

Sneasal-->Weavile(Snide and seemingly careless, with how flippant he can be it can be hard for strangers to get a good read on him. He cares about us in his own ways, but I don't think he'll ever stop sneering.)

Espurr-->Meowstic(He's calm in nature but also pompous. His silky soft fur has always been one of his biggest concerns, he's at his happiest whenever his fur's well-groomed and shining in the sun.)

Galarian Meowth-->Perrserker(She's battle-hungry like most of her species and tends to get antsy if I don't let her at strong opponents. She, however, is a humble cat despite her tendencies. Losses only make her wanna get stronger and try again!)

Corphish-->Crawdaunt(Take it from me; Raising a Crawdaunt can be pretty tough if you're not prepared. She use to be a lot more rowdy than she is today, but her continuous losses to Perrserker and her other teammates have humbled her greatly. She's still rough and has her snide comments, but she no longer lashes out at anyone.)

Grookey-->Thwackey-->Rillaboom(He's playful but also very respectful towards his teammates, since he prefers harmony among his allies like a lot of his species, he's tends to be the first on the scene if there;s some kind of dispute between two or more of them.)

Sinistea-->Polteageist(With a carefree attitude he, Polteageist have no gender but mine prefers 'he', loves to just relax with his teammates and talk. Hearing stories about our various adventures is one of his favorite past times. He even likes hearing Alakazam go off on his tangents, being one of the few Pokemon not to tell him to hush.)

Vullaby-->Mandibuzz(She's someone who really likes to tease her teammates with little comments here and there, as well as display her love of dark humor that often times leave her allies green in the face.)

Smeargle(He's a quiet one and tends to mostly keep to himself, luckily he refrains from marking everything with his paint and instead uses the paper I get from him. Though mostly mute he's very expressive and does take pride in his art, he loves painting pictures of his allies.)

Misdreavus-->Mismagius(A crafty but charming ghostie with a passion for singing. From how the others react to her its mostly a lot of nonesense about her day, how she's feeling and so-on, but nonetheless she has a beautiful voice that never feels to lifts spirits.)

Ledyba-->Ledian(An easygoing guy who, like his duet partner Mismagius, has strong passion for singing. In fact it was her singing at night that had lead him to us in the first place. If he's not training or relaxing you can usually find him and Mismagius together, working on their next song to preform for everyone.)

Oddish-->Gloom-->Bellossom(She doesn't sing like her two partners, Mismagius and Ledian, but she's an absolutely wonderful dancer. She's a cheerful and optimistic girl who, together with Wigglytuff, enjoys putting on dance routines for her partners, while other two buddies sing their hearts out.)

Ekans-->Arbok(She's a girl who's always had an attitude to her and constantly butts heads with Seviper. She's laid-back most of the time and enjoys a good laugh with her allies, but sometimes Seviper just says or does something that makes her usual cold blood boil.)

Flaaffy-->Ampharos(Just my luck to catch such an affectionate electric-type, I can't count the amount of time he's accidentally shocked me. He apologizes everytime it happens but..eh..I can't even bring myself to be mad at the big lug. He's too cute for his own good.)

Heracross(A powerful ally, but his overconfidence is his biggest downfall. I don't fault him for being self-assured, and it is more endearing than it is annoying, but when it comes to battle he just pushes himself so hard to sate his own pride.)

Meowth-->Persian(She's a cold one who can really hold a grudge, she was betrayed in her wild life and its left some deep scars. She's cynical and while she trusts me and everyone else, strangers tend to get a very cold shoulder from her.)

Nidorina-->Nidoqueen(She's kindly but also very critical with herself and everyone else. SHe's not malicious with her words, just honest because she desires to see all her new friends improve themselves.)

Wartortle-->Blastoise(Hailing from the Seafoam Islands, he lived a lonely life out there and leaving has made him a little childish. He loves learning about the world around us and often times, even to this day, I have to keep him from running off and spooking other people. He means well, he really does, he's just a child-at-heart, always willing to explore and make friends with strangers.)

Weedle-->Kakuna-->Beedrill(She's highly competitive and doesn't take too kindly when others look down on her just because she's a bug. She takes those kinds of insults seriously and aims to prove anyone wrong about her species. She's not as aggressive as she seems, though, and is rather mild-mannered when she's not on the battlefield.)

Makuhita-->Hariyama(He's a disciplined warrior type of guy, speaks very little but loves to test his limits against his stronger allies. He's hardworking and doesn't want to learn any long-ranged moves, as he much more prefers to be up-close and personal with his opponents.)


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May 13, 2022
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I would have to go by my 2nd most liked nickname due to iris already being in the game. So the name of me would in fact be Sip. ( It’s weird I know but I just like it )


Kanto : Jolteon, Dragonite, Ninetales, Magneton, Alakazam, and Laprass.
Johto : Espeon, Houndoom, Venomoth, Sneasel, Machamp, and Starmie.
Hoenn : Mawile, Delcatty, Masqurain, Metagross, Medicham, and Roselia.
Sinnoh : Cherrim, Vespiquen, Gastradon, Spiritomb, Rapadash, and Lucario.
Unova : Haxorus, Lipard, Glaceon, Meinshao, Golurk, and Volcarona.
Kalos : Sylveon, Goodra, Carbink, Gourgeist, Avalugg, and Mega Mawile.
Alola : Toxapex, Mudsdale, Salazzel, Shiinotic, Tsarenna, and Minor (red core form).
Galar : Thievul, Corviknight, Boltund, Flapple, Frosmoth, and Alcremie.


May 28, 2022
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Kanto: Clefairy (as Ash would've originally gotten one), Raticate, Fearow, Kabutops (Kanto ace), Beedrill (Mega), Marowak
Johto: Clefairy, Houndoom (Mega), Skarmory (Johto ace), Hitmontop, Kingdra, Tyrannitar (Mega)
Hoenn: Clefairy, Sableye (Mega, Hoenn ace), Gardevoir (Mega), Shiftry, Aggron (Mega), Flygon
Sinnoh: Clefairy, Abomasnow (Mega), Froslass, Porygon-Z, Weavile (Sinnoh ace), Magnezone
Unova: Clefairy, Darmannitan, Volcarona (Unova ace), Chandelure, Lilligant, Bisharp
Kalos: Clefairy, Vivillon, Avalugg, Aegislash (Kalos ace), Heliolisk, Florges
Alola: Clefairy, Araquanid, Ribombee, Golisopod (Alola ace), Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Ninetales
Galar: Clefairy, Dragapult (Galar ace), Corviknight, Hatterene, Centiskorch, Toxtricity
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Oct 12, 2014
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Kanto: Clefairy (as Ash would've originally gotten one), Raticate, Fearow, Kabutops (Kanto ace), Beedrill (Mega), Marowak
Johto: Clefairy, Houndoom (Mega), Skarmory (Johto ace), Hitmontop, Kingdra, Tyrannitar (Mega)
Hoenn: Clefairy, Sableye (Mega, Hoenn ace), Gardevoir (Mega), Shiftry, Aggron (Mega), Flygon
Sinnoh: Clefairy, Abomasnow (Mega), Froslass, Porygon-Z, Weavile (Sinnoh ace), Magnezone
Unova: Clefairy, Darmannitan, Volcarona (Unova ace), Chandelure, Lilligant, Bisharp
Kalos: Clefairy, Vivillon, Avalugg, Aegislash (Kalos ace), Heliolisk, Florges
Alola: Clefairy, Araquanid, Ribombee, Golisopod (Alola ace), Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Ninetales
Galar: Clefairy, Dragapult (Galar ace), Corviknight, Hatterene, Centiskorch, Toxtricity

I love this honestly. It lacks the starters, which means Ash has much more flexibility in which Pokemon and types he is getting with them.


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Feb 6, 2021
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I will choose Poilwhirl as my starter. Here are my teams.

Kanto: Poliwhirl, Charizard, Ivysaur, Wartortle, Butterfree, Beedrill, Arbok, Raichu, Flareon, Lickitung, Moltres, Gyarados
Johto: Poliwhirl, Dunsprace, Typhlosion, Croconaw, Scizor, Hitmonspin, Ledyba, Furret, Skarmory, Steelix, Quagsire, Sunflora, Skiploom, Ampharos, Azumarill, Xatu, Lanturn, Crobat, Larvitar
Hoenn: Poliwhirl, Sceptile, Blaziken, Marshtomp, Mightyena, Lombre, Shiftry, Pelipper, Kirlia, Breloom, Whismur, Aggron, Swalot, Sharpedo, Wailord, Camerupt, Torkoal, Spoink, Spinda, Flygon, Altaria, Seviper, Zangoose, Cradily, Milotic, Castform, Tropius, Absol, Snorunt, Huntail, Shelgon, Regice, Rayquaza
Sinnoh: Poliwhirl, Empoleon, Kricktune, Pachririus, Floatzel, Gastrodon, Gabite, Shaymin, Giratina, Lickilicky, Gallade, Froslass
Unova: Poliwhirl, Serperior, Emboar, Samurott, Simisear, Unfezant, Gigalith, Swadloon, Swoobat, Excadrill, Emolga, Palpitoad, Archeops, Lampent, Heatmor, Hydreigon, Victini
Kalos: Poliwhirl, Greninja, Chesnaught, Talonflame, Spewpa, Meowstic, Slurpuff, Sligoo, Zygarde
Alola: Poliwhirl, Incineroar, Decidueye, Dewpider, Mimikyu, Salandit, Alolan Raichu, Guzzlord
Galar: Poliwhirl, Inteleon, Raboot, Sandaconda, Corviknight, Drednaw, Cramorant, Cursola, Arctovish, Duraludon, Drakloak, Eternatus, Morpeko, Regidrako, Calyrex
Gen 9 (So far): Poliwhirl, Fuecoco, Pawmi, Smoliv, ???, ???


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Jun 11, 2022
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Here is my teams i hope there are a little clearer.
Bulbasaur is my starter with a hasty nature evolves into Ivysaur and later in to Venusaur Moves:
Vine Whip as Bulbasaur -->Frenzy Plant as Venusaur
Sleep Powder as Ivysaur
Hyperbeam as Venusaur
Solarbeam as Ivysaur

Cloyster (Z'gast) is my second best Pokemon caught in the sea on the rise to Three Island
Best friend of Arboko. Moves:
Icicle Crash
Life Dew

Arbok (Arboko) is the only Pokemon that i get of screen in an unknown city. Best Friend of Z'gast and...insider info....it uses his Poison to clear pans. GG Tide.
Crunch in a flashback

Doyle & Domolin
Both of them are Eevee that are siblings. Doyle is a little stronger and evolves with a Fire stone into Flareon the other didnt evolve jet
Doyle: Flame Charge
Iron Tail
Domolin: Iron Tail
Play Rough

Totodile with a smart nature it never evolves and i it free. Later its besides an other Trainer
Aipom named Steven. I only use it to cook because hes very good and knows much secret recepts from the forrest Skiploom trained by Nick DiGiovanni Moves: Bullet Punch
Skiploom named Solara with a quiet nature trained from Nick DiGiovanni and its better then every cook pokemon on the world. Evolves in the GREAT-Cookingshow into Jumpluff know named Solara CC (Chief Cook)
Moves: Sleep Povder, Fairy Wind only as Jumpluff.
Omastar named Omastar :) I revived it and let it fight against two Trainers Geodude and Golem but loses not very close. I gift it to the Geodude Trainer. It has the Ability: Shell Armor.
Moves: Shell Smash
Rock Blast
Pin Missile

Arboko i used the Time to Train my OG also: Z'gast and Solara CC to learn there new moves like U-Turn. Arboko revealed his Ability: Shed Skin.
In the mid of my rise i catched a cute Mawile with the Moves: Skull Bash, Bite

I get my well trained Pokemon and take out the Liga losing then against Cynthia. Before i rise to Unova i catcht these Pokemon:
Machoke only Lvl. 34
And after that i trained Roselia and Swinub to get some Festival badges. Swinub into Piloswine with only one move thats shown
Heavy slam
Roselia named Foki: Moves: Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Energy Ball

Magcargo is giftet to the Geodude Trainer.
Tentacruel is giftet to Team Rocket because there are to weak

I trained Z'gast and Arboko to Level 76-79 and catched to Pokemon:

Guda my Bisharp with the Ability Defiant was. He fights vs all Arena Trainers with the left. His rival is Z'gast. He is befriend with:
Metal Sound
Swords Dance
Quick Guard

Soko is a male Yamask that i got very soon.
It is not befriended with any Pokemon and human besides me. Moves: Night Shade, Hypnosis, Haze

I catched Dragi an jolly Dragalge on base lvl. 65. He is my best Friend and wins against two strong Ground Pokemon: Seismitoad and Rhyperior. Moves: Gunk Shoot, Dragon Pulse, Sludge Wave, Dragon Tail.
After that i catched the Seismitoad and trained it on Level 58 to learn Rain Dance to use Swift Swimm. Moves: Rain Dance, Aquaring and Drain Punch
His Rival is Venusaur

Mothim is my only Pokemon that can't use Attacks. Hes only by my side.

Domolion into Glaceon

In Galar my Team is my bests:
Venusaur G-Max

I hope you like it!


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Jul 18, 2022
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i will have a pignite grovyle marshtomp comsbusken as a starter
i will catch a scraggy and lucario
i will also catch the machamp evolutionary line
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